Shure VP83/VP83F Shotgun Microphone with Build In Recorder

The new Shure VP83 and VP83F are ultra-lightweight yet durable, with all-metal construction designed to Shure’s legendary quality standards. Additionally, both provide superior RF immunity and include highly directional supercardioid/ lobar polar patterns to reject unwanted off-axis audio. The VP83 also features easily-accessible controls, including a three-position gain switch to compensate for different recording environments and a low-cut filter switch to eliminate distracting background noise.

The VP83F with flash recording and playback functionality enables WAV file capture at 24 bit/48kHz sampling rate for direct-to-device recording and added audio redundancy. With a dedicated headphone audio output, the VP83F simplifies real-time monitoring and also offers an intuitive menu and controls for fast and easy control in almost any environment.

A83-FUR Windjammer® and A83-W Foam Windscreen accessories, exclusively developed with Rycote for the VP83 and VP83F LensHopper models, will also be available. Shure VP83 and VP83F will be available in summer 2013. Pricing TBD and will be available via B&H (click here).

Shure VP83 / VP83F Shotgun Microphone Build In Digital Audio Recorder

19 thoughts on “Shure VP83/VP83F Shotgun Microphone with Build In Recorder

  1. Lisa

    Why is Shure marketing this shotgun microphone while they are recording with a giant lav mic for this video? Uh, I must be missing something...

  2. What we really need is a reasonably priced wireless transmitter with a built-in recorder. That way we can plug in our own shotgun, handheld, or lavalier. Unfortunately the only option right now is the really expensive zaxcom.

  3. Kevin

    Rode may have announced the world's first shotgun recorder but it looks like Shure's VP83/VP83F shotgun recorder will be the first one on the market. There is still no release date for rode's videomic HD shotgun recorder.

  4. Mike

    MN: he wrote "distracting background noise." I worked in film sound in both production and post for, gosh, longer than I'd like to admit (about 25 years I guess) and never heard of a mic that could get rid of "background" noise but maybe Shure has done it. Too bad it's on this mic if true. It would be better used on real sound gear.

  5. MN

    "a low-pass filter has nothing to do with “background noise.” It rolls off lower frequencies uniformly."

    As he said, "...filter reduces low freq BG noise."

  6. Can't wait to see side by side tests against Rode. I am thinking that the VP83F will be in the $380-$450 range. If lower then I will definitely get one.

  7. Mike

    squeezy that's true, and for a lot of us independent guys it means getting a good audio recorder and mounting a little camera to it to capture the video. I mount a little camera to my Sound Devices 722T and another on the boom so I get great sound a a two camera shoot. Everywhere my mic points the little camera is also pointing. No need to buy tripods or lenses or any of those other expenses.

  8. Sqweezy

    @Mike Some of us don't have the resources to have a sound guy who focuses on that task exclusively. Some of us our one-man crews looking to improve our overall sound quality in a more portable package. I don't have any illusions of my video productions matching that of professional work. But I don't have the kind of budget or resources either. It's all about perspective. I think for many of us, we would find such a combination useful.

  9. This is brilliant. I'm glad I've held off on getting a shotgun for my T2i. Not having to use it in conjunction with a Zoom and/or JuicedLink will do wonders for my gear bag.

  10. Mike

    There are so few situations that a mic on a camera would be useful. Imagine shooting your film using a little camera mounted at the end of the boom operator's boom and you get the idea. Would you do that?

    There is, in film and television production, a person whose job it is to do the sound part of the project. That person is called a Sound Mixer, Production Mixer, Audio Operator, etc.

    Also, a low-pass filter has nothing to do with "background noise." It rolls off lower frequencies uniformly. It cannot select noises in the "background" and remove them. That's important information for a reviewer to know!

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @scottrellwi - Several years ago Shure released the first 'Microphone with a built in Flash Recorder'. I wonder if Shure has some hold on this 'technology'.

  12. scottrellwi

    How can these guys announce products and show us working models that won't be out for 9 months or more (lookin' at you Rode).

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Nikola Ovcharski - Shure says it will be in a few months, and the listing has a different date. We'll see what happens but it was shown at NAB2013, so it does exist.

  14. Habez

    They beat Rode to it! (Rode announced a Video Mic Pro HD or something with an inbuilt recorder as well back in early 2012) Well done Shure! Now to see the price point.. Hmm

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