I was starting to think there may just be more of the same at NAB2014 this year, but here's an interesting new product from SHAPE. Here they are providing us with an early look at one of their latest products - A 2-Axis active stabilized shoulder rig. Video below and details from their Vimeo page.

Introducing the 1st official product from the SHADOW SERIES; the SHAPE GIMBAL ISEE II.

here are some specs:
2 axis gimbal, tilt up and tilt down. you can control the Gimbal ISEE II with the push button of the SHAPE TELESCOPIC DOUBLE QUICK HANDLE ARRI ROSETTE, also from the SHADOW SERIES.

For less than 6000$, you get the ultimate SHAPE SHOULDER MOUNT and the whole new GIMBAL ISEE II system.

Official release date of the product : NAB 2014

12 thoughts on “SHAPE GIMBAL ISEE II : TEST 1

  1. freiheit

    this type of gimbal stabilizer on the shoulder rig is kinda nonsense to me...sorry no offence but it might get much more "up down movement" directly from shoulder by walking.

    I understand that we want to put this type of stabilizer on your shoulder because of that weight. it's getting heavy for playing this stuff I know.

    I think 1 axis for perfect horizontal makes this product much more attractive (affordable), don't you think?

  2. vivideo

    @Jonas the rotorview is nice but it's a handheld system!
    Shape ''ISEEII'' is a shoulder mount system.I myself own a SHAPE rig. Construction quality is really amazing. I contacted them yesterday for a pre-order of the IseeII & they told me that If you already have a shoulder rig the gymbal assembly will be available separetly!! the only thing you need is a 15mm rod system.They also told me that there was two other product in the gymbal line up. >
    The ISEEI : for Gopro
    The ISEEIII : for Canon C300 /blackmagic Cinema 2.5/4k and others in the same weight range.

    honnestly it seems to me like an amazing new line of products.

    there's a limited quantity for the first batch, around 100 unit they told me. pre-order available 😉

  3. @ Joseph : as far as quadcopters go, there's little doubt that the DJI Phantom II + Zenmuse Gimbal + GoPro 3+ offer the best package today. Especially with the software update for the GoPro 3+.
    Here in Europe, you can buy that full package, ready to operate and including live view monitoring for 1450 EUR.

    With a little practice, these can give you professional results that rival the quality and stability of $8000 multicopters.

    If you want to fly a Sony F700 or a Red, you'll need one of the +$5000 multicopters (and a solid insurance policy in case of a crash).

  4. Hi Emm,

    It looks like a possible nice DIY project would be to take a Came-TV 2 axis Came 6000 RTR gimbal and create a shoulder pad/rig assembly to carry the gimbal. That would appear to be what Shape has done here. Just a thought.


  5. If you own or have built a 3 axis gimbal you could convert the rig into a shoulder rig really easily. I have a extra 3 axis alexmos board laying around so i think ill purchase an inexpensive 2/3 axis gimbal off ebay and build it myself. this will be a fun project.

  6. Jonas

    @emm - Love your site.

    What you think about this? I rather have this 3 axis gimbal for 4000usd the the Shape 2 axis for 6'.

    Already out from last year

    If you wonder about Swedish quality in general, both Hasselblad and Profoto is Swedish.

    They could use some good press and help instead of the always pushing North American or Chinese stuff on these kind of sites.

  7. Joseph

    @ Terry - You're proving my point! Exactly the thoughts that I wanted to impress here. A "master-list" if you will would indeed help many film makers in their decisions reguarding the brush less gimble craze!

    Just a side note, the capabilities and performance of these gimbles makes my Steadicam SMOOTHEE totally obsolete!

    Don't get me started asking CHEESYCAM to make a master-list of QUADCOPTERS!!

  8. Terry Mickie

    Good looking out Emm. Your work is appreciated. @ Joseph. ....I feel your pain. I'm holding out as I can too worried that as soon as I buy a steady cam and vest the newest and best brushless stabilizer will arrive (or is all ready here) at a reasonable price.

  9. Joseph

    @Emm - Your work is invaluable to us and very appreciated. I remember your review of a gimble that you, yourself added handles too - Brilliant.

    YES, I agree that these are very expensive, BUT... so is hiring a professional Steadycam operator! Either via rental or purchase, these gimbles are or can be an incredibly important part and tool of ones storytelling.

    It's just like car shopping- a list of features, side by side, that describe each ones stats, user friendliness and bang for the buck!

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Joseph - I'm working on it, but these systems aren't cheap, and take days to build. I'm not even an expert in this area, so I can only offering what i'm learning.

  11. Joseph

    What -I- need to see, with CHEESYCAM's help, is a listing of brush less gimbles from 2 to 3 axis availiable as of today, cheapest to most $$, forign to domestic, including payload limits from goPro to Red, pre-assembled out of the box to programmable by owner.

    Please consider that THIS WOULD HELP cost-conscious filmmaker's a great deal and would be invaluable to our filmmaking friends everywhere.

    These devices can severely impact the use and need of a Steadycam operator on MANY smaller budget shoots, hence the need for this information everywhere.

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