Save up to $60 Off Kamerar QV-1 or QV1 Kit


Here's a deal that everyone can instantly benefit from. It's a 72 hour promotion starting today (just 3 days) for up to $60 dollars off the Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder or QV-1 LCD View Finder Kit.

Product Description:

The QV-1 LCD View Finder will magnify your lcd screen image by 2.5x so that you can easily focus on your subject, and will also offer a true view of your image when working outdoors in bright daylight. An adjustable diopter ring moves the primary lens forward or back if your image does not appear focused. This is especially helpful for those who have less than perfect vision. The innovative magnetic quick release design allows the QV-1 to be inserted and removed from a solid metal quick release baseplate attached to the bottom of your camera.


The QV-1 baseplate shares a similar shape to the Manfrotto 501PL quick release plate. Once the QV-1 baseplate is attached to your camera, you can mount directly to supported Manfrotto video fluid heads. If you are using a different system, you can still attach your proprietary tripod plate under the QV-1 baseplate by accessing the available 1/4" threads. The QV-1 Kit includes a quick release baseplate and a set of industry standard 15mm rails.

This is a very recent product release, and possibly a few of you may already have one in your hands. There is one online review I could find from this website by TechGuyEric (found here), and could be a good read to see what he has to say about the equipment.

You can register to retrieve the coupon codes following the link to the Swivex promotional page (found here).
Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder / QV-1 LCD View Finder Kit - 72 Hour Promotion

18 thoughts on “Save up to $60 Off Kamerar QV-1 or QV1 Kit

  1. CC

    I'm really liking this. I wear glasses and pressing the camera up to my face always throws the focal point of my glasses lens out of whack. The big rubber eyepiece really hold the glasses comfortably in place. And the magnifying screen and blocking out the light help me get focus so much better.

    There were no directions, so the diopter is still a mystery. But I like the adjustable plate (nice to know it will work even if I get a different camera down the road) and the magnetic catch. It was a little difficult to get it in the first time (yeah, I know, that's what she...) because the fit was very tight, but I haven't had any problems with it coming loose. Feels real solid. Good buy.

  2. I got mine in the mail today. Build quality is pretty good,
    Not as good as my VF-4 but hey what can u expect when the cost is alot cheaper. My only gripe is that flipping it up to use the sunhood,
    Usually causes me to pull it off the QR plate completely n

  3. Sorry for the late reply Emm. I'm using it mainly on my new MVH500 head. I also have used it on 701, 502 and 504 heads. I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I was thinking of doing a quick writeup and I'd be happy to share.

  4. Yes.. was just double checking to make sure I ordered the right thing... Packing slip says QV-1 LCD View Finder Kit $179.99 - $60 coupon = $119.99. See that the FF is on sale now too.. Have to pick that up once I get some rails for it!!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Jeremy - How much did you end up paying? The kit should be over $119. The VF alone will be around $60 or less.

  6. Ordered the kit on Monday... Just got a package in the mail, but it was only the viewfinder, no rail kit. =( Never expected it to get here so fast, but trying to get to the bottom of the missing rail kit!

  7. Editwizard

    I already grabbed the QV-1 and love it so much more than the VF3... and I needed one for the EOS M.

    So, good timing on the coupon! Bought the kit and that extra will definitely come in handy even though I already have 2 other rail sets. This actually stands to get used more often since it's integrating the mount and the rails for quick switches between rigs.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @CC - Not sure if i'm supposed to post here, but try these. Last day is today. Only good at

    Coupon: 60offkit
    $60.00 off of QV-1 LCD View Finder Kit

    Coupon: 20offqv
    $20.00 off of QV-1 LCD View Finder

  9. CC

    Anybody else have trouble getting the coupon? Sent the link through a few times, got nothing in the mailbox.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrick Carreon - Not at the moment, but I hear there is a new plate on it's way to support smaller cams like the GH2/GH3. So in short time this QV-1 will be compatible.

  11. Patrick Carreon

    @Emm - Just want to confirm, this probably isn't an option for the gh3 due to lack of adjustments/gh3 offset, right? And do you think the vf4 is one of the better options out there?

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Ian - Thanks for sharing that input. Which Manfrotto heads are you using? Any images to share with us? Thanks.

  13. Darn, just ordered one last week. I do love it though, really convenient way to add a simple and compact rails system to a camera. Ditched my bulkier baseplate and switched to the QV-1. Also love the mini plate, works well with all my manfrotto heads! The actual viewfinder isn't bad either 🙂

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