Rode iXY Stereo Recording Microphone for iPhone/iPad

PMA at CES 2013, Rode Microphones showed off the new iXY Stereo Recording Microphone for iPhone/iPad. The add-on microphone attaches to your iPhone or iPad and offers Two 1/2" Cardioid Condenser Capsules, Onboard A/D Conversion, and up to 24-bit/96k Recording (higher quality audio than the iPhone was previously able to handle). I'm sure you've seen the product announcements on other blogs, and this is a great interview that should answer any further questions.

It's a great little product, but i'm sure the price will drum up a few comments. What do you guys think about this new Rode offering? The new Rode iXY is available for pre-order and expected to be released in March via B&H (click here).

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17 thoughts on “Rode iXY Stereo Recording Microphone for iPhone/iPad

  1. Butch

    I agree with Cledus...these are a bunch of dumbass comments. The whole point of ditching XLR is to...well ditch XLR.

    "I lose the use my phone temporarily" you're going to stop a production to take a phone call..."Uh...Guys, (palm in the air) EVERYONE please stop I need to take a phone call." lol. If you're unwilling to table 99% of personal phone calls while working how seriously should anyone really take you?

    "My H1 looks more 'Pro'!"
    Really??...Really you think so? (It really doesn't)

    "No lightning connector, no sale from Me!"
    If there's an adaptor that works it'll be fine. Audio just doesn't require much computation in digital terms.

    "The sound quality must suck!"
    We'll all have to wait and see on that, but it wouldn't surprise me if it equaled or surpassed the quality of the mentioned recorders is more straightforward to operate than the recorders mentioned with archaic audio equipment style UIs. It probably gets audio in the computer and synced up more quickly too.

    The whole objective is to maintain quality while continuing to eliminate clutter that could be forgotten, trampled, stolen and/or creates mild headaches after acquisition. If the sound quality turns out to be good I only wish for an accessory to help put it on a boom connected to an iPhone or an iPad at the bottom of the boom and a wireless trigger from the camera.

  2. Cledus

    Haa these comments are hilarious

    Clearly all comments regarding XLR connections are made by idiots who dabble in sound.

    To clarify an XLR addresses noise by using an INA circuit, which is easilly modelled in the rode circuits.

    Just because you don't have a huge connector.....dosent mean that you can't have a differential signal...........

    Americans are so fucking stupid

  3. FabDex

    That's perfect for one of my friends. He's the kind of guy who will impulsively buy anything that can be hooked to his goddamn iPhone, whether he needs it or not. This is one of the most useless, overprice device. And I don't care how good it performs. This thing deprives you of your phone and probably will kill the battery in no time. I also doubt that it can sound better than a zoom H1. For double the price (excluding the price of the phone). FAIL !

  4. DanielJ

    I've told people that it seems about $100 over what I felt it should be. HOWEVER, I didn't know it had a built in pre-amp until you mentioned it. I'm looking forward to hearing some audio tests.

  5. Looks to me like another overpriced add-on to an overpriced phone. Thanks, but I don't need a TV on refigerator, or a coffe maker on my vacuum cleaner, or a "pro" microphone on my phone. My DR-40 new cost me under a hundred dollars, and it has all of the connection options I would want in the field, plus I daresay a lot higher quality.

    This smacks of all the camera lens add-ons to the iPad and iPhone (it's still got a crappy little sensor, no matter how big a lens you put on it) that are being sold out there. If you want to prove to your clients that you haven't got a clue about how you acquire quality audio and footage, these are the way to go. In a pinch, it might work out, but not at that price!

  6. Scott

    ... there sure is a lot of beaten, dead horses in here. 😉

    But seriously, let's see some kind of XLR in tied into this.

    I think it's more of a "convenience" option, than a full fledged recorder option. It's for those times when you have your phone, but weren't expecting to need a field recorder to record some quick soundbytes.

  7. I find it hard to see a point for this, I guess as a back up recorder if everything else went wrong but for the price point I would think a h1 would make a better back up with replaceable battery and memory cards.

    I also use a large audio recorder with XLR when I need perfect audio any a Rode VMP is perfect for on camera audio when shooting with 5D3. I just don't see a situation where I would need this.

    Yes its small and plugs into my Phone so is quick and simple for an interview record but in a world with H1s and even H4n's I dont see a need for it.

    Very cool product just will not fit into my work flow.


  8. Steve M,

    I've seen the, shall we say, legacy connector to lightning connector which I believe Apple sells for $30 bucks. Will that adapter make this device work on an iPhone 5, I haven't a clue. Even if it did, again, I just don't see the point of this device for professional use, which is not to say it wouldn't work, just not my first choice. Alright, I'll give it a rest now!

  9. rob

    I guess if you're recording you would have your phone on Airplane mode. What about monitoring the audio??

  10. keith

    i cant see any reason to pay $199 for a mic that attaches to an iphone. and talk about shooting yourself in the foot... no lightning connector? so it doesnt even work with the iphone 5? and its not even coming out till march? ill stick to my zoom h4n

  11. Steve M,

    It's probably just me, but I don't see the point of this device in a professional audio capturing situation. Especially when it's tied to an iPhone, what happens if you get a phone call, or several phone calls, do you really want this recording the CEO's critical audio take? I think not. And the iPad would be ridiculous to pack such a large device when you can do all this with a Zoom, Tascam, Roland. For the hobbyist wanting to maybe record certain things, sure, but other than that, I don't get it.

  12. scottrellwi

    What about the new iOS lightning connector? From the press release, it doesn't appear that there is a lightning connector version.

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @TikTak - Sure, hoping to get a sample from Rode in the next few days. What people may have missed is that the Rode Mic has a preamp inside (mentioned in the interview), so i'm also very curious how well the preamp works compared to a cheaper Portable Recorder.

  14. todd

    It looks awesome, BUT, part of the pitch seems to be "why carry around a bulky external recorder"? Well, this little mic, amazing as it is, requires a case, and it doesn't have XLR in. If I was still a photojournalist working in TV, it might be a great backup option for interviews. I have an NTG 3 and an NTG 2, I can def attest to the RODE quality, so you know you will be getting way more than what you pay for. Thanks for posting, Emm, when are we going to see more of your CES takes?

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