Quick Look – Gen Energy Shock Proof V-Mount Batteries

Most people have heard about Gen Energy V-Mount Batteries earlier this year at NAB or the Cinegear Expo touting their 'Shock Proof (drop proof)' design, but here's a quick video talking about other clever features you'll find in these V-Mount batteries.

Outside of feeling confident you won't break your battery throwing it around in your gear bag, I like the Gen Energy's ability to reset the protection out in the field (without placing it back on a charger), and how you're able to leave the Battery Meter LED Lights on. This can be handy if you have it working on an LED Light and you need to glance at the power from a distance.

The little features found in Gen Energy batteries definitely give a sense that this company has an attention to detail and are working hard to put out a high quality v-mount battery. When comparing the price + capacity versus other popular brands, I would say it's pretty much comparable. It's neither cheap nor expensive. But if you're specifically looking for a robust battery with exceptional battery management built in, I see no reason not to consider the Gen Energy v-mounts -
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5 thoughts on “Quick Look – Gen Energy Shock Proof V-Mount Batteries

  1. Post author

    @David Mathas - I agree Gold Mount has a better locking system. And you're probably going to end up with both types of batteries eventually. But because the more common battery is V-Mount, I ended up with a lot more of those (I do own a few Gold Mount also).

    My batteries are not just for myself, but also when i'm working with other production crews. I just seem to get more requests for bringing v-mount batteries than Gold Mount. On a full day project, you can go through a few batteries with lighting, monitors, cameras, etc, so it's good to have several on hand throughout the day.

    Even though Gold Mount has a much more positive lock, I have never had a V-Mount fall out on me. I never put my gear through any situation where that would be a problem. If I believe a battery is just not safe on a camera (example - car mount), I will run a long D-Tap cable for power to reduce weight and of course reduce any issues with a battery coming off.

  2. Post author

    @David Mathas - Yes they do. Most V-Mount batteries are rated at 10A discharge, and Gen Energy rates theirs at 12A discharge rate, so actually quite good.

  3. David Mathas


    You have extensive professional experience using V-Mount batteries. Have you ever had any problems during a shoot?

    I am looking to invest in a professional battery system, and I'd like to know your experience with V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries.

    Gold Mount seems to have a better locking system; but in your experience, have you had any problems with V-Mount?

    And, is there any difference in battery performance/battery life?

    I value your opinion. I'm trying to avoid any pitfalls before buying into either system.


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