Purchased 20x Sand Bags For the Studio

I've recently required the need to have more sand bags in my space, so I purchased 20 pcs of these 9" x 10.5" sized Sand Bags. Unless you see them in person, shopping for 'inexpensive sand bags' on the internet might be a hit or miss. All you get is a few photos and not much information, so I thought I would share what i'm using.

The product listing doesn't really provide the exact weight these will be when loaded up, but from my estimates it should be around 20 lbs. each. The material is good lined with a tightly woven plastic like material on the inside so the sand doesn't sift it's way out. Stitching is great and double zippered to prevent them from accidentally opening up - pretty standard quality bags. Now time to make a stop over at the hardware store and pick up a few hundred pounds of Play Sand (for kids sandboxes) and fill them up. Here's a listing to the exact same 9" x 10.5" Sand Bags i've ordered (here).

find-price-button 10pcs of 9" x 10.5" Sand Bags

22 thoughts on “Purchased 20x Sand Bags For the Studio

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @MB - Great looking bags, but more than 3x the price I paid for my 20 pcs. Most of mine will just be dead weight, but a few of those fancy ones would be great for other purposes. Here's a link to their eBay store if anyone is looking for these.

    find-price-button Udengo 7kg - 13kg Sand Bags

  2. AH

    Thanks for all the tips guys! I'll be rebagging my current sand bags with ziplocks and pea-gravel!

  3. Hey Emm,

    Do these have the metal plate at the top making them rigid along the handle side? If they do, beware loading them over 10 lbs. The metal plates sharp edges will eventually cut through the stitching causing the handle and plate to come off if the bags are overloaded.

    I've a number of the cheaper fill em yourself bags and they're all suffering with only 15 lbs. Decent sandbags might actually be worth their weight...

  4. sandman

    +1 on double-bagging in ziplocs.

    In addtion to stopping leaks, they also prevent the bags from developing an odor if the sand is not properly sanitized. Nothing like funky sandbags to make the crew unhappy.

  5. Scurvy

    "I would add some extra large HD Freezer bags to each pocket as extra insurance ...."

    This is what I did when I got mine a year ago. I haven't had any problem with them at all.

    And personally, I appreciate the review of sandbags. I hate wasting my money on poorly manufactured crap, so I am grateful for the reassurance that something works like it's supposed to work.

  6. Vic Thomas

    Hey Emm,

    Great review. I had quick question. Are you planning on weighing the bags to make sure they are a certain weight or are you just going to fill them to you deem it as full?


  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Joe Rodriguez - if it's not for you, it's not for you. I guess you could choose some random sand bag on the net and hope for the best, or actually choose one that others like myself are using. You may not see value in this lowly post, but I can't say everyone else reading this blog is at the same level as yourself.

  8. Joe Rodriguez

    I love your website and work, Emm. I really do.

    But c'mon. A review on sandbags. You're pushing it.

  9. I have used these (or similar) for a couple years. I double-bag them with gallon -sized Ziplocks and haven't had any leaks yet--even though I toss em around like, well, sandbags!

  10. Joel

    I was loading up my ePhoto sandbags this morning with sand from Home Depot - about $3 for a 50lb bag.


    I like them because they have double zippers of the sand compartments (in other words, 2 seals).

    But, at half the price I wish I would have bought Emm's versions.

    Leakage is never a problem if you put the sand in gallon sized ziplocks (in fact, I double bag them in ziplocks) and then place them in the sandbags.

    Have used them for many years and not one leak.

  11. Simon

    I have used this style when travelling - Easiest thing to buy upon arrival is rice from a bulk sized sack. Not good for long term use though since it will absorb water.

    Normally Silica sand is what you want as it does not absorb moisture. I would add some extra large HD Freezer bags to each pocket as extra insurance also but eventually, all sand bags will leak.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @AH - Yes, I have quite a few of these. There's some great tips in these comments about alternative stuff you can put in the bags besides sand.

  13. AH

    Are these the exact same ones you have tested for 5 years? If so I am very interested.

    we bought some that look just like these off ebay and they leak like a siv!

    Had to toss them out cuz they were leaving sand in clients places.

  14. tdstrike

    Use silica sand, not play sand. The silica sand doesn't clump up when it gets wet and keeps the bags pliable.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Rudie - Thanks for the input. I have over 5 years+ on another set of bags we throw around quite a bit. Once they are loaded up we never touch the zippers and have never had that problem you are referring to. I guess i've been fortunate.

  16. Rudie

    not that my experience matters, but the zippers tend to break quickly on these types of sandbags. i'd even go as far as saying this is one purchase where you get what you pay for.

    thanks for your time


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