Pico Flex Table Dolly Sample

YouTube member dim3m has got the right idea on using the Pico Flex Table Dolly. And on that note, keep watch on this blog. Orders should begin opening up again in anytime now..... [Thanks dim3m]

11 thoughts on “Pico Flex Table Dolly Sample

  1. kevin

    Amazon.com is a bitch with Canadian orders, most of the time it blocks the order saying it will not ship to your location or when they do allow it, its 40$ shipping on a DVD not including brokerage if you send by a courier that charges.

    I would say the best way for us Canadians would be to sell it off ebay, ship via slow USPS, and mark the value as gift:skate wheels 19$ value lol

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Avi - The first orders were processed via Paypal, which they are being buggy about. Still working on that so that it can be put on eBay for international. This week we'll process orders via Amazon, which i'm not sure does Canada?

  3. Jeremy

    Yeah, I have been waiting for 3 weeks for the pico dolly to be up for taking the order again.... I am checking the photographyandcinema.com website every day. Lol.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @JAM ONE @Oliver - I've also created a motorized Pico Flex a few days ago. I was able to get very consistent movements.

  5. Oliver

    @Jam One: you are right. I was wondering about the smooth movement but it is because of motor. Seems to be friction based on one of the wheels.

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