Nyrius Aries Pro Stream Wireless HD Video via HDMI

The Nyrius Aries Pro is just one of many consumer grade kits available to stream wireless hd video via HDMI. I have a few articles posted on this blog going back a few years ago, but with the recent popularity of Gimbal Stabilizers, these streaming video tools can really aid your production. Here's a great demo from Rod Guajardo [thanks Rod] on how they use the Nyrius Aries Pro kits.

Though many of the wireless kits on the market may look similar, the internal components differ slightly offering faster processors and more channels for less interference, less video lag, and greater range. Still if you're just planning to monitor from a camera without having to be tied down by wires, the Nyrius Aries Pro is an excellent kit (found here).

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[Update] It should be noted that these kits have no mounting options so you'll have to be creative. They also require power over USB which are very common these days, but only certain batteries with a high mAH rating should be used. You can see a list of compatible USB batteries and also some creative mounts used by the CMR Radian kits (found here).

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16 thoughts on “Nyrius Aries Pro Stream Wireless HD Video via HDMI

  1. rex


    I would like to know the following: can you still plug in something like a Atomos recorder to record at a higher bit rate? Will the Nyrius interfere in any way? Or am I better off trying to find a way of transferring the image from the Atomos or Samurai Blade to a monitor directly?


  2. Hi!

    I'm curious if one of these kits could send added from a Macbook Pro Retina or an iMac to another HDMI computer monitor?

    I ask because I'm a photographer and while on location it would be nice to mirror my laptop screen to a monitor to keep clients at a distance or for my self when the camera is in difficult to reach places? Ideal it would appear as a second monitor but I can work with mirroring.

    Hope you can let me know.


  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Apostolos - I don't know if I would trust Wireless for all my camera angles. When I do a multi angle 'live switch' using my Blackmagic 4K ATEM, I'm using HDMI to SDI converters and running it back over 100ft. Because i'm using a converter, i'm only using 1080p from the GH4s HDMI out, but i'm simultaneously recording 4K to the internal SD Card.

    We used headsets to communicate when I would switch angles. You can see a little BTS towards the end of this video: https://youtu.be/SOeowRP7ma0

  4. Hey Emm:

    What would be the best affordable option to achieve this, for a multi-camera setup. In other words, way I have 3-6 cameras on a event shoot, can I send all the signals back to one large monitor, and have someone, a director, talk to the shooters to match compositions, etc....

  5. I recently bought one of these Nyrius systems, and I'm having trouble powering the receiver. Can someone help? I am hoping to be able to use a small, lightweight usb battery. I found one at best buy for $7 that works well powering the transmitter, but have tried several different ones on the receiver with no luck!

  6. Liang

    Hey William,

    What is the latency and delay on this unit if you know, if not, how is the latency/delay?

  7. Pierre

    @ William Stewart

    to power the receiver you may use hyper juice batteries :


    or any battery between between 8V and 16V with a GOOD power regulator like the following :


    or a V-lock Battery from Lamparte or Tilta



    you may need some 3.5mm x 1.35mm angled plugs:



  8. We use The Nyrius Aries Pro on pretty much every shoot. It gets the client away from the camera and lets them see exactly what we see so they are confident we're shooting the right thing.

  9. Johnny

    We have been using the cheaper version ($180) for a year now sending hdmi signals from 5d3 and gh4 to client's view monitor. We love it. And with the gh4 we can still use a tablet to do remote recording as well.

  10. Pierre

    The Nyrius Aries Pro is a great solution for the price if you need to connect one sender with just one receiver. Unfortunately, you can't connect several receivers to one sender.

    The receiver does have a 1/4 mounting option. you can fix the sender with Velcro.

    Be VERY careful with the power option : 5V only (you will instantly burn the device with 12V). While the sender needs 0.5 amps, the receiver needs to be powered with a 2 amps (10W) battery.

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Mike Moore - You should definitely set the GH4 to 1080p output via HDMI. Good question about the 96fps. I believe the camera will still output the original framerate and the variable option is done in camera. During playback of the file it will play at the original framerate set. I will have to test this out.

  12. Mike Moore

    Great looking wireless option at a really nice price. Thanks for sharing. I have a GH4 specific question. Is there any issue with the in camera down-scaling of 4k to 1080p over hdmi? And, if recording in VFR 96fps will the hdmi monitoring be real-time due VFR being and in camera effect?

  13. Joseph Moore

    Should be noted that you have to find a way to power both sides. not hard to find usb power sources, but you do need to take this into account.

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