Nikon Lens to Canon EOS 5D, 7D, 550D, T2i, etc.

Wow, just a day after posting the Canyon Creek video shot on a 550D / T2i with Nikon lenses, there's been a flood of interest. I had no idea that Nikon lenses to Canon bodies were so unfamiliar. So here's a post to talk about the Nikon lens to Canon adapters. The most basic of adapters can run as low as $12.00 US. This is just a basic adapter leaving you with manual focus and unavailable aperture values on your LCD. The second adapter (bottom) claims to maintain full Auto Focus functionality with a special embedded chip. I don't own this adapter, but for the sake of Cheesycam, i'll place an order and do a review. If anyone currently owns an AF Nikon Lens to Canon adapter, Holla in the comments!.

You can purchase these adapters by clicking here.

I'm placing my order with this eBay seller. 100% Feedback and reviews show that the people who purchased this item, the adapter works perfectly as described.

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8 thoughts on “Nikon Lens to Canon EOS 5D, 7D, 550D, T2i, etc.

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @keets - I will work, but if you don't have manual aperture or manual focus control on your Nikon Lenses, then you won't be able to change the aperture.

  2. keets

    hey ive a nikon d3000 and two nikon lenses for this cam.. id like to upgrade to a canon 550d will using this adapter help??

  3. Jon

    I think you read the product description wrong for the chipped adapter. You can not maintain auto focus with a Nikon (or any non-Canon lens) on any Canon body. What the chip does is enable focus confirmation, ie, the camera beeps and the focus point lights in the viewfinder. Canon has this disabled on all of their bodies, this chip re-enables focus confirmation.

    There is also an "EMF" chip that you can program through the camera body to record one aperture in the EXIF and even allows micro-focus adjustment for one lens.

  4. Colby

    Wow.. If and when you get the adapter with the chip, would you mind doing a video on how it works? With all the focal lengths and aperture changes.

  5. rudie

    they all leave you with manual controls give or take. i purchased mine from it lets me use my nikon g lens on my 7d body and still be able to control my aperture (manually)

  6. Hey, what type of nikkon lenses are suitable for the 550d/T2i. I've seen Nikkor-S 50mm 1.4 Non AI Manual focus lens go for about $55 on ebay.

    Loving your site!

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