New F&V R-300 LED Video Ring Light

If you're shooting with DSLR Video, you've probably heard about the Z96 LED video light. F&V is the company behind the popular light and one exciting product that will be available is the new R-300 LED Video Ring Light. We got a chance to see these up close at the PhotoPlus Expo, and these are excellent quality lights coming in at an excellent price.

fv ring light led

Product description states that the R-300 LED Light features 300 daylight-balanced LEDs which produce 1950 Lux @ 1-meter. An onboard dimmer offers seamless power variation from 0-100%. It has two power options: a Sony NP-F Battery Plate and a DCɸ2.5 jack.
F&V LED Ring LightFVlighting R-300 LED Ring

As stated in the video the light is brighter than Litepanel's $1800 dollar 1x1. Starting at $199 dollars, this will be a great light to be used both ON or Off camera and all powered by inexpensive Sony Batteries (instead of V-Mount). The new R-300 will be available to mount using a basic L-Bracket, or to a set of 15mm Rails. You can find more information about the new R-300 LED Video Light following the link to the product page (Click Here).

FVlighting-LED-R300fvlighting ring light r-300r-300 led ring lightR300 LED ring light
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16 thoughts on “New F&V R-300 LED Video Ring Light

  1. Apparently, its in stock right now. I just ordered mine. It seems as though they are updating their website live. They had a discount for the pre-order option then it just disappeared. Now, it says in stock when you click buy now. I ordered mine. Looks like a great, versatile alternative to an on camera LED.

  2. Talked to a nice guy named Drew through the contact number. It looks like they make a Canon LP-E6 DV battery plate under "Power & Cables".

    Using that and a 1/4 20 adaptor stud. you can mount that to a 1/4 20 thread on the bottom of the R-300 (used for light stand mounting, but I'd rather have control over with batteries I use.). That way I can use my Canon LP-E6 batteries to power it.

    I'm super excited about that "milk filter" concept as well. I like the idea not only because it will HOPEFULLY, provide softer light, but most importantly provide a soft light that clients can comfortably look into. Because nothing matters if the clients is squinting like they're being interrogated at a secret government facility.

  3. @Kasper Hi Kasper, in Europe F&V is based in the Netherlands and you can order directly from us in our online store at or through one of our official european resellers.

    @BaZa Hi BaZa, thanks for pointing out our european website. European VAT registered companies outside of the Netherlands can provide us with their VAT number so that we don't have to charge VAT. For customers that are not with a registered company or within the Netherlands, the Dutch VAT will be charged. Being that purchases ship out of our Dutch warehouse, no additional taxes will be charged.

    European customers can feel free to contact us at [email protected] - we also have a showroom in Cologne, Germany. If you are in the area, we encourage you to visit!

  4. BaZa

    Hey Kasper, they have this other website . Here you can buy their product in euros (€). They show a price with and without taxes, but I don't know if we just pay the price that says with taxes. If they assure there's no more extra taxes, sounds nice for europeans.

  5. Kasper

    @Connor - Will there be any authorized dealers in europe, or will it only be sold in the USA, as that's how I'm reading your statement?
    That would definately put me off from ordering, as it would become too expensive if I have to pay both import and customs taxes, plus a crazy handling fee to the Danish postal service.

  6. @Verm - Hi Verm. The R300 will be sold in the USA only through authorized dealers and sales channels. Buying a product directly through F&V guarantees a 14 day Money Back Guarantee, and purchasing a product directly from F&V or an F&V Authorized Retailer guarantees a one-year warranty and exceptional customer support.

    All of our products are serialized, and the only avenue for purchasing our new products in the USA will be through the F&V USA Website ( and Authorized Retailers. Authorized Retailers will be listed on the F&V website in the near future. Any questions please call (888) 960-3750 or email [email protected]

  7. Darryl

    @Verm - I noticed that too - it may be worth waiting to see how much China will start putting them on ebay for.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @bkpr100 - The camera sits on the L bracket and the lens goes through the middle of the ring light.

  9. I also noticed that they sell the Z96 for $169. The same Z96 you can get for 65$ on eBay. Maybe it will be worth to wait a little and see how much this ring light will sell for elsewhere.

  10. @Paul Houston

    I'm on the same situation as you. I'm all equiped with Canon stuff. No Sony and I don't have any NP-F batteries. I think it would be much better for a lot of us if it had a LP-E6 plate.

  11. Here's what I wrote them. I'd be interested to know the outcome. Does anyone else have an idea for this?

    "Love the new R-300 Ring Light. But I have one question... with the abundance of Canon DLSR users, will there be a way to mount a Canon LP-E6 (7D, 5D-II & III) battery on or instead of the Sony mount? Seems like it would be a hugely popular option. This is really the only hold up for me ordering one right now."

  12. David

    I'm just interested to know the max view for a wide angle, I had a macro video light that was only useable on 50mm and up and it just wasn't very useful for most stuff I'd want to upgrade for.

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