Neoprene Pico Surface Mat for Pico Dolly


If you have a table dolly, you'll know the importance of using a smooth surface to get the best footage. It won't solve every odd surfaced situation, but for most common imperfect surfaces that small table / skater dollies require, here's the Pico Surface Mat.


The Pico Surface Mat offers a thick Neoprene material with a heavy rubberized backing that will allow dollies to track sideways, forward, or back (basically straight across the mat) and reduce tracking vibrations normally caused by floor tiles, concrete, and other slightly textured surfaces.

Measures 46" inches across and 8.5" wide, and can be rolled up during travel. Due to the weight of this item, it's only available to ship to lower 48 US States (FREE SHIPPING). Check out the new Pico Surface Mat over at

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18 thoughts on “Neoprene Pico Surface Mat for Pico Dolly

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @HD-tography - Oh I see. Well this mat is the first to see market response. It's an expensive item to have made and shipped to USA (due to weight), and then to ship back out. If it works out, of course we are looking to expand. Right now it's just made for the Pico sized dolly.

  2. HD-tography

    I'm not sure I understand Emm... I was merely suggesting a 12 inch version of the MAT [so I could use it with the Komodo dolly I have] and at the same time inquiring about the "actual" width of the existing mat shown here, and if the 8.5 inch wheel base of the Komodo would fall of the edge of this mat shown... Thanks

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @HD-tography - The problem i've found with very large dollies is that you just can't easily find table surfaces to support movements. The Komodo steps up a little bit, but it's still small enough to find surfaces wherever you might end up. I think a 12" version would be good to support more weight, but you might quickly find it unusable in most situations and stop using it altogether.

  4. HD-tography

    Seriously disappointed the Komodo is not supported with say a 12 inch wide version, I mean an extra 3.5 inches wide would only add 25 % more weight, and double your marketable audience, without that much increase in shipping. Measuring the Komodo, it comes in at exactly 8.5 inches wide with the surface contact points about 8 inches in width... knowing you have one of each Emm, could you test out the Komodo on this mat please? I mean is it exactly 8.5 inches wide, or perhaps a bit wider? Is it hard to stay straight pushing it by hand or would it fall off the edge easily? Thanks

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @DanT - I guess it could, but that's all a matter of personal preference. I don't find the need to add friction to my own dolly.

  6. DanT

    Would this mat make for a smoother dolley shot because it adds a little friction to the rolling of the wheels? (similar to how you can add a little drag to a fluid head)

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Dollar Bob - It's actually the Rubber backing that might be more important. The neoprene material alone is too soft and the wheels sink into the material, even if you attempted to fold several layers of neoprene. The best surface is a flat straight hard piece of material (wood), but it makes traveling cumbersome. I would suggest trying to find something like a thick hard rubber surface that can still be rolled up for travel.

  8. Dollar Bob

    After further searching the Pico Surface Mat seems to be priced in line with gun mats of that size. The eBay neoprene sheets are much cheaper but probably will involve more wrestling and wrangling.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Joe Michelli - It's heavy and price includes Free Shipping. Shipping is expensive on this item.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @HD-tography - This mat is pretty heavy, and would be crazy heavy to make something that large. It's not just simple neoprene material.

  11. HD-tography

    Too bad you didn't make it 12 inches wide to work with a Komodo dolly... I've been looking for something like this for the Komodo, please offer it wider and also in a larger roll up 48" circle please (for rotation shots).

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