NAB 2015- SHAPE iSEE Single Handle Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro and DSLR

NAB 2015, SHAPE gives us an overview of two single handed pistol-grip style Gimbal stabilizers. The iSEE (for GoPro) and a larger iSEE+ designed for small DSLR or mirrorless Cameras. Each gimbal operates on two inexpensive and common Canon LP-E6 batteries, so you don't need to sit around and recharge.

So while most GoPro gimbals don't allow you to use the GoPro in it's waterproof housing, the iSEE is designed for this. Other systems will probably not recommend using gimbals under wet conditions, but SHAPE doesn't seem to have any issues getting their iSEE gimbal wet as seen in the video below.

So if you're looking for a gimbal for any type of water or snowboarding activities, the iSEE may be a good choice. The decision for sticking to a 2-Axis system over a 3-Axis may be for the immediate responsiveness allowing for fast tracking and panning specifically needed in sports. For more information about SHAPE and the iSEE & iSEE+ Gimbal stabilizers, check out their website

isee gimbal shape shape isee plus gimbal stabilizer
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3 thoughts on “NAB 2015- SHAPE iSEE Single Handle Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro and DSLR

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Scott - To be honest I have not used either one. The Shape iSee+ can definitely fit a larger system, but it's a 2-Axis gimbal while the Nebula is a 3-Axis. It all boils down to what you plan to use it for, and what type of camera will you be using it with.

  2. Scott

    Hi Emm - thanks for your website! Given Dave Dugdale's excellent review of the Nebula 4000 I am leaning in the direction of a one handed gimbal device for my A7s. How do you think the Shape iSee+ compares to the Nebula?

  3. Steve

    So I watched the video on this product and did not see one shot that looked very smooth. Does not really look like this stabilizer will work very well. Would be nice to see a video showing all the shots being done with the stabilizer. Also why only 2 axis and not 3? Looks like they need to get back to the drawing table to make this a better product. Nice idea though but please make it work better without all the wobble.

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