MythBusted – 126 LED DSLR Video Light (Noise??)

Update!! You Can Find the Popular 126 LED DSLR Video Light Kit Here!!

This video was created by Dereck Willis about the Cheap LED lights everyone is buying, but is causing some controversy about the Whining noise at the end of his video.

I love these lights, and so do all my friends who have purchased them after me. Because of all the controversy, Here is my official test showing my results.

First test: I'm using (3) Three LED lights next to a Zoom H4n
Second test: was with the light mounted to the hot shoe using the on Board microphone on the 7D.

Not sure how Dereck ended up with a whining noise, but I did not get anything at all. The only thing I can think of is that towards the end of his video, he was standing next to the light. He was using a Lav Microphone that may have picked up 'Electrical Interferance'. The lights themselves don't emit any noise. I did not get any interferance in my results.

Check out MY video review below to dispell any myths. I think these lights are great, and I'd love to hear comments from others out there regarding these lights. If you're interested in purchasing these awesome LED lights, you can grab them from this article here:

Update!! You Can Find the Popular 126 LED DSLR Video Light Kit Here!!

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  1. Hey, do you find that the thumb screws that allow you to angle the light do not fasten tight enough? If I angle my camera down the light just falls forward toward the lens. Are yours any better? Thanks!

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