Multi Camera Carrier Harness Holster

cotton_carrier_camera_vestMulti Camera Carrier Harness Holster

Here's some news you can use. On the left, you see the Cotton Carrier Camera Harness that runs about $189 dollars. On the right you see Opteka's new copied design throwing it out there for under $30 bucks + Free Shipping. Interesting that they would go after this market as I have no clue who would ever use these things. I've never been a fan of these these marsupial looking vests, instead I still like the more Macho looking dual gun slinging style. At such a price difference, It sure doesn't sound like it's up to par with the quality of Cotton Carrier.

find-price-button Cotton Carrier Camera Vest w/ Side Holster - New Release!

Multi Camera Carrier Harness Holster
find-price-button Opteka Dual Camera Harness Vest System

9 thoughts on “Multi Camera Carrier Harness Holster

  1. Scott

    The cotton carrier is great for hiking over rough terrain. It works very well and is quite comfortable. I use the double rapid strap when on the street or when it is hot out.

    Each type of carrier has its place. One thing for certain is that both of these systems are far superior to the old neck strap.

  2. Daine

    I have a Cotton Carrier complete out fit. Broke within the first months use. Company has some serious ego issues and customer service is non existent.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Joshua - Looks good, but be careful. The Black Rapid company has been pretty rampant and pushing their new patent against other sling strap companies.

  4. Hey Emm,

    A friend of mine owns a company that makes some similar products right here in the USA. They're all super classy camera accessories that you'd be proud to wear to more formal events and look/feel super professional while shooting.

    Here's his website...

    Thanks man, I appreciate everything you're doing with cheesycam. It's really helped me learn a lot and find some sweet deals on gear along the way!


  5. I sold my Cotton Carrier, I felt like the intrepid, and had people staring at me. It does look like over kill /Batman like.

    The Opteka version looks too cheap.
    I use my double harness too instead.

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