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Que Audio offers a Mini Shotgun Microphone kit which is great for small cameras, when traveling, or lightweight audio booming. A nice feature in this small package is the three different gain stages: 0dB, +10dB, and +20dB to help maximize your signal to noise ratio. The Que Audio mini shotgun microphone starts out at $180 dollars or more depending on the kit you choose. Find all the options and prices for the Que Audio via B&H (Click Here)

Que Audio Mini ShotgunQue Audo Microphone
find-price-button Que Audio Mini Shotgun Microphone Kit

MicW is a popular overseas microphone company we checked out at MacWorld earlier this year. MicW just released the iShotgun mini shotgun microphone that not only works with your DSLR Video camera, but can also be adapted to work with the iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Price starts around $250 dollars and can be found via Amazon (Click Here).

iShotgun-MicW-Micro-Mini-Shotgun MicrophoneiShotgun Microphone
find-price-button MicW iShotgun Super Cardioid Mini Shotgun Microphone Kit

On the budget side of things, Polaroid is offering a mini Shotgun microphone. Looking at the photos, it's clear there is a design influence from the MicW iShotgun. The Polaroid mini shotgun microphone runs just under $60 bucks via eBay (Click Here).

polaroid-mini-micro-shotgun-microphonePolaroid Mini Shotgun Microphone
find-price-button Polaroid Mini DSLR Video Shotgun Microphone

13 thoughts on “Micro Mini Shotgun Microphones

  1. i tried the polaroid and it's not the worst i've heard but not good enough, the cheaper HT-320A beats it by a long shot.
    I'll post the video review when i have time.

  2. Markus Arike

    AFAIK, there are two Que Audio Mini shotguns, the original, and the Que Audio Mini Pro, the latter with the +20 DB gain and the former, less expensive one, without.

  3. Lainol

    I normally do interviews with dynamic handheld microphone or lavalier microphone, rarely use the ambient sound, is it worth the polaroid or a waste of money?

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - From my experience with both of these microphones, they both sound great with the +20db gain, but the Rode sounds 'more full' supporting the lower end frequencies better. Still, the small lightweight form factor of the Que makes it very desirable for lightweight booming, and audio can easily be tweaked in post by boosting the low end.

  5. Rob

    Would like to know how the Que sound quality compares to the Rode Videomic Pro which seems to be slightly bigger but has 20 db gain switch so doesn't need a Juicelink to connect to a DSLR for getting decent levels. Similar price too.

  6. I've been using the Que for several months now and it's a fantastic microphone. While it might not have the quality of some higher end options, it fares well considering it's size. All things considered it's my favorite shotgun mic.

    One thing of note for those of you considering it is that the Que design is what I call 'semi powered'. The mic contains small button cell batteries but the gain is very low. Plugged directly into a camera or a recorder without a strong preamp you'll get noise from the preamp. Connected to my H1 recorder for example, the input needs to be at 100 to get any results in any reasonable conditions. Que claims that the gain on the GH2 was optimized for use with the GH2 but I don't have a GH2 to see for myself.

    Conversely, connected to XLR with phantom power, the gain is very good and very useable on both my H4N and the XLR inputs of my XA-10. Easily as sensitive as my Rode and Audio Technica products.

    I suspect the pro model with gain switching might fare better.

    I have no doubt that any of the Que mics connected to a Juicedlink pre-amp would work fantastically.

    The size is my favorite part. I've already had need to 'hide' a mic several times this year and being able to clamp this ball-point-pen sized wonder in the tiniest of spaces has really saved me more than once. My biggest camera is the Canon XA-10 so standard shotgun mics have always felt bulky and awkward. The que mics are perfect for small camcorders, dslrs, and mirrorless cameras. Even mounted to my NEX-7, it doesn't feel awkward at all. I've even used it with a GoPro Hero2.

    Que's customer service is also top notch. I had an issue (user error it turned out) with mine and their rep took time away from attending the NAB show to call me personally and make sure everything was alright.

    My only complaint is that while the batteries are rated to last 100 hours, there is no indicator light to show you when they're low or dead. The batteries are tiny and inexpensive so I just preemptively change them every couple of gigs. They're not very common a size though so stock up.

    I have plans to buy more so that each of my cameras can have it's own dedicated Que shotgun then ditch my Rode Videomics.

  7. joel

    Very cool, low profile audio solution... plus I from I understand, these are all officially endorsed by "Mini-Me" from Austin Powers.

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