Memory Backups Run and Gun – HyperDrive

Part of the workflow for me that's been a real pain is memory card backups. After an all day shoot it's about leaving your Compact flash or SDHC cards with the editor to do his data dumps so he can get straight to work. Otherwise it means you have to find a way to dump about 200 gigs of video to an external, and then find the time to get it back to the editor in a timely fashion.

I've been on the fence for a while about getting one of these portable Memory Backup devices, and it seems like it could really help in speeding up data hand-offs. The idea is to purchase at least two and just rotate / switch each time we do a job. Sure we can always drag around a laptop and a couple of USB drives, but transfering from card to laptop and back to external drive seems like more gear to carry and slower transfer times. Sure there are different and maybe cheaper versions of these type of devices, but so far the Hyperdrive has always been the one recommended to me by professionals. You can find prices of the Hyperdrive Memory Backup on eBay by Clicking Here.

Or you can always check out Amazon

Holy cow, check out this expensive version too: