iPhone Overkill For a Handle


iPhone teleprompter

Everyone is hyped about the new iPhone release and is ready to dive into pre-orders. There's already been a ton of previous accessories out there like the Teleprompter (above). I can't wait to see what new line of gear comes out to fit the new features of the iPhone 4.


Being camera geeks, my friends are most interested in the new HD video feature. Of course we talked about stabilizing the iPhone video and the Zacuto Z-Grip or Zacuto Jr. came into conversation. C'mon are you kidding me? over $250 dollars for a handle Zacuto? Even the Jr. runs around $65-70 bucks, but it's just a handle!

So here's the solution one of my buddies came up with. Just get some epoxy / JB Weld putty and permanently glue a screwdriver to the back of a cheap 0.99 cent eBay hard case. Done, you got your handle and the iPhone can mount in and out!


Now the Z-grip runs about $269.00. I can make these screwdriver/hardcase designs and sell them to you for $269.00 if you think spending more money for a handle will make it work better..just let me know. I'll even include FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the WORLD! LOL

One thought on “iPhone Overkill For a Handle

  1. André Vasconcelos

    hello. I would buy a teleprompter for Iphone. you send to Brazil? what is the value?

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