Industry Tape – Zero Residue

For the average person Tape is Tape. Then there are the professionals that use several rolls of tape daily in big production environments and have certain requirements. They can tell the cheap stuff from the good stuff. Great tape should tear easy, hold strong, be heat resistant, and come off clean - no residue. In the last week, Vimeo member IndustryTape has been uploading a collection of videos showing off some new tape.


From the profile:

Industry Tape is a revolutionary new tape that, unlike most tapes, is not based on a sticky rubber adhesive. It's as strong as duct tape, but leaves ZERO residue, even at extreme temperatures. It's made to easily rip, and tear at a perfect 90 degree angle every time. It's re-portionable, can easily unstick from adhesive-to-adhesive contact, weather resistant, puncture resistant and has no foreseeable shelf life. Visit for more information.

The demo uses in the video look pretty good, and pricing is pretty standard to even Generic Gaffer Tape stuff. What's your choice of Tape?

3 thoughts on “Industry Tape – Zero Residue

  1. 100% agree. Gaff tape is not cheap but worth it. Did anyone think the industry tape edit gave them a headache? I have a couple of pieces where I used HDSLR stills to line up a sequence, but mine are no where as jarring as their edit. Just my 2 worthless cents. lol

  2. Alex Campbell

    A LOT of people fail to understand how important buying real gaffer tape is. Although it is not cheap, there is nothing worse than wrecking a clients paint or leaving sticky crap all over their floor or your cables.

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