IndieHardware at Huntington Beach

After Benson caught my test on the IndieHardware stabilizer parking lot demo, he decided to dive in and give the IndieHardware Stabilizer with a Canon HV20 combination a try. I would have to say that his footage is slightly more interesting than mine if you're into tens of thousands of women in tiny bikini's waving at the camera. Other than that, I think my test and his are a close match. LOL.

One thing that I was completely confused about, was that I didn't see more than one DSLR camera carrying person in this video. WT? That's like twilight zone type weird for any event. Or maybe my eyes were just forced elsewhere in the video, I just missed it. If you're still undecided on a stabilizer or are looking into the IndieHardware Video Stabilizer, check out the footage above. To me it looks like it could be just slightly off weight, but a really good first test for sooooo much walking in the heat. Thanks Benson.

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Dan - Yes I was able to fly a Canon 5D + Sigma 20mm on it. The range of motion on these handles aren't as great as the Glidecam style and doesn't allow you to tilt up and down while running. Still a great stabilizer to mimic dolly or tracking shots for a budget.

  2. Dan

    I've just ordered the indihardware but want to use it with a D5 and a Nikon 50mm 1.8. This comes in at 2lbs 7oz. You mentioned trying it with a 5D and a Sigma 20mm. Did this work - or have I made a mistake in buying it?

  3. This footage is WAY better than hand held 'shakycam', BUT not even close to Merlin's capability. I know.. I know.. Merlin costs $800. The biggest problem of of cheaper steadicam is the lack of fine tuning mechanism. All it takes is 1/10 oz to offset the balance of the DSLR one way or the other. I own both Merlin and DIY steadicam. It takes me 2 minutes to balance my T2i with tuning dials. With DIY steadicam, however, I can't ever seem to get it perfect because means of shifting the weights is not fine enough.
    I guess it all depends on the standard and the look we are going for. At some point, we all have to say, "This is good enough." Nice subjects! 🙂

  4. Emm

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    Hey Michael, I hope you caught the article write up about the short handle. If you look closely they have the same range, but since it's a shorter handle it appears you have less travel. Duct tape a longer handle on the Indie and you'll find the same amount of travel as the hague. I have the hague and can confirm there is no possible way that handle could travel 90 degrees.

    This might be a good alternative as a replacement handle Steadicam Style Replacement Handle

  5. Mike

    I recently sold my Hague in favor of the Indihardware and I have to say, the Hauge is better in my opinion. Yes, it can't hold as much weight but when I got the Indihardware yesterday I seriously thought they were joking when I saw the limited range of motion. With the hague you can maneuver the handle almost a complete 90 degrees in all directions. You're lucky if you get 45 with the Indihardware.

    For once, I'm actually not in agreement with Cheesycam (shocking, I know!). If I had someway of getting my Hague back, I would.

  6. I have the same camera and now the same stabilizer and have been practicing all week for a shoot this thursday. So seeing this footage as re-sparked my excitement! Thanks Benson!

  7. Emm

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    Swinging means it's too heavy, and if it's not flipping over, sounds like it's too bottom heavy. Take some of the weights off or replace it with lighter 'washers'. It needs to be just slightly bottom heavy.

  8. Thanks for posting!

    Any tips for getting it balanced? I have a T2i w/ the nifty 50 lens and i cant get it to stop swinging left to right when I walk.

    (i even went to Hope Depot and purchased sone extra washers)

    Looking forward to seeing that Benson - Cheers!

  9. Benson

    There were plenty of large DSLR cameras everywhere especially on top of the pier. taking snapshots of hot people down under. LOL.

    Yea. the stabilizer was off balance by a bit.

    It works really well for a stabilizer of this price.Highly recommend for people on a budget.

    I think starting next week. I will go to Disneyland and California Adventure and film the first ever full tour (run-through) nonstop of the whole theme park using this stabilizer and posted online

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