Gini Finished Follow Focus

Ok, so Gini wasn't completely off his rocker selling what looked like unfinished versions of a Follow Focus. Now we're starting to see some finished versions of the new Gini DSLR Follow focus. Now in anodized black with Marking disc. Check out the stuff following the link (click here).

find-price-button Gini Black Follow Focus with marking disc

12 thoughts on “Gini Finished Follow Focus

  1. Kenrik

    I bought one.. Came with my rig. I spent $475 for the Rig including the follow focus. I am VERY happy with the quality and the concerns about the single rod design are unfounded.

    Wish it had come with the lens gear though, it was a hassle to get it from another seller.

    I'll post up a video review soon.

  2. brandon

    It looks nice, but there is no way in gods name that I'm going to be paying that kind of money for that.

  3. HD-tography

    This is STILL in development, and Gini listens to these blogs and other boards, I actually know this for a fact, having spoken with him (not recently about the follow focus, but in the past when buying several rigs and then having a few problems)

    So here's the thing, if someone wants to be the Guinea pig and buy, please report the problems and strengths back here (and cinema 5D) so the rest of us can get the finished version sooner, and for a better price.

    Criticism will get us nowhere, unless it is constructive.

    So Gini, as a very big (HAPPY) customer of yours, I will tell you MY opinion:

    -you need to include at LEAST one inexpensive adjustable gear belt for a standard .08 gear WITH the follow focus

    -those white marking discs look like they are NOT attached in any way, looks like they just sit freely on the knob now, they will need a way to attach to the knob, traditionally with magnets on the back of the white marking discs, which don't appear on there now (I could be wrong on this)

    -the black anodized looks VERY nice, great job... but a RED anodized knob would look EVEN NICER!

    -the arm ALSO needs to be black anodized, please NO POLISHED ALUMINUM

    -You NEED to include a marking pin or NOBODY will buy it, use a RED anodized marking pin for a black knob (or a black marking pin for a RED knob)

    -You need to offer a traditional mount as an option, using an arm that slides on a rail attached to BOTH 15mm rods spaced 60mm apart, the current design is good, but many people don't trust that it will hold tight enough against the lens. It would be wise to offer this one, but ALSO offer the double rod traditional design, offer both!

    If you offer the traditional mount, offer it with an elevated riser, NOT a low profile version riser!

    -you should consider a better gearbox than the HUCO gearbox, like using the dampened design that the "RJ Follow Focus" used, it must be available to manufacture cheap considering their price point, and it works very well.

    We wait for your improvements Gini! If I see those kind of things I'll even be the Guinea pig tester and give you $300-$400 for it! (with FREE shipping to North America)

    Sorry, you just won't sell very many if the price is any more than that, because there are TRUSTED and PROVEN options already available beyond that price point... let us gain trust in the improved and finished follow focus, then you will have more orders than you can fill (at $300-$400 maximum INCLUDING shipping worldwide)

  4. Mickey Jones

    $757 with $55 shipping?

    yeeeaaah, he's may still be a bit off his rocker

    Still need an indicator and a gear Mr. Gini.

    And what is behind the “We can not sales any extra parts here” policy? Why not?

  5. When is this guy going to figure out that his eBay auctions are dramatically overpriced? And CheesyCam is probably sending Gini too much business for him/her to get a sense of what the market can naturally bear.

  6. Rob

    A marking disc is nice, but without a pointer, what's the point? Am I just not seeing it in the pictures?

  7. john d

    @CM Owen, but how many are small enough you can use on a Sony Nex?
    I have the Fotga ff and its large/heavy. (will eventually review it once the missing screw arrives)

    With this gini one, you can flip it in any direction you want(for those nikon lens).

  8. CM Owen

    I dunno ... seems a bit overpriced for a brand-new product. No lens gear, "We can not sales any extra parts here". I think there are better deals out there.

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