Gini DSLR Cages for GH1 and GH2 Cameras

Gini DSLR Cage GH1 GH2 cameras

Anyone check out the Gini DSLR Cages for Panasonic GH1 and GH2 cameras? Snug fit, looks nice, but crazy expensive. [Thanks Habez] Gini's DSLR Video cages were recently criticized about the lack of 1/4x20 threaded ports which is most common for adding accessories, and ends up using a different thread pitch. People have had to drill and tap the holes themselves in order to be usable. From the deign, this one doesn't appear to be any different. Maybe i'm wrong about the thread size. Comes with two handles, two monitor arms, and cage. (click here for Gini DSLR cages for GH1 and GH2 cameras).

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14 thoughts on “Gini DSLR Cages for GH1 and GH2 Cameras

  1. jboy

    I just tested this cage and it does not fit a GH2 properly. This cage is made for a GH1 and since the GH2's thread is positioned differently, the shift in space causes the cage to block the battery port making it un-accessible.

  2. I won't buy this cage as they don't have anymore standard thread holes. Really like the Gini quality but after being disappointed with my first cage, i would so NO-NO for this. Price wise is also ridiculous.

    Emm is also producing a cage? when? where? How much?

  3. I think he have both 5mm and 1/4" ...
    the 5mm is used to attach hand grips, rods bracket etc ...
    As i could "judge" from the image ...

  4. I'm not sure when he said that the cages have 1/4"-20 threads, but last time I emailed him maybe two three weeks ago the cages had 5mm threads. 5mm is another thread size that a lot of the knobs for the rigs have.

  5. Avi

    I sent gini a message and got a reply that it has standard 1/4 - 20 and 5mm threads. not sure what the 5mm relates to.
    Yeah Emm when is the P&C cage coming out??

  6. I just bought a cage from China, the jinfinance guy. $125 shipped, with 1/4"-20 threads. Not as sexy-looking as Gini's but with the right threads and at the right price. And I have both 5dmk2/60d and GH1, so IMHO the tighter fit for only the GH1/GH2 is counterproductive. It's better to have the bigger cage that can fit both the EOS and the LUMIX bodies.

    Still love Gini's rigs but I have a hunch these cages without 1/4"-20 threads are going to bomb big time for him.

  7. Tom

    He is clearly testing the waters on pricing. I'm sure other auctions will come, with minimum bid/best offer in a reasonable price-range.

  8. @ Mark

    and for a cage the size of almost a Z-finder whats the point?
    I can mount a light a mic and an LCD viewfinder on a $12 flash bracket with extra hot shoes.

  9. ronjbase

    I'm waiting for Emm's cage. He and Olivia both "get" it when it comes to affordability and form factor.....

  10. Mark

    Just think, you can buy a gh2 cheaper than this cage. I think it is time for some of these manufacturers to take a second look at what they are actually selling.

  11. Ouch! too expensive for a GH model cage... if it was more universal maybe, but we can find cages for $99 now.

    Looking forward to your cage thought.
    Any idea on the price range?

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