Gini Drops New DSLR Cage – 1

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find-price-button Gini New DSLR Cage-1 15mm Rod Adjustable Frame

[Updated] New images added shown with Camera and Rod config

Gini is going mad and seems to be adding more and more to his line up of products. Today a new 'Cage-1' is being auctioned, with a ridiculous amount of threaded accessory ports [Thanks Jim]. If you know anything about machine work, more threaded taps means higher production costs. You can see there's still a cut out for battery access under the cage. Notice how top and bottom stage are the same? Can be used in different orientations depending on camera model. Everyone has been very impressed with Gini quality products, and a cage was definitely long over due.


Instead of a solid block frame, he's gone with a cheese-plate style top and bottom plate with 15mm rods on the sides, giving you virtually unlimited height for cameras that are short like a GH2, or tall like a 1D Mark IV or cameras with Battery Grips. The 15mm rods can obviously accept 90 degree clamps so you can build on it like any normal rig. Remove one rod and you've got room for your swing away LCDs (60D, T3i, GH2). I say replace the rods with custom sized carbon rods if you're rocking a lightweight setup. Check out some additional specs and images over at the site (click here).

Gini DSLR CageGini DSLR CageGini DSLR Rig Handles
find-price-button Gini New DSLR Cage-1 15mm Rod Adjustable Frame

25 thoughts on “Gini Drops New DSLR Cage – 1

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel Francisco Valdez - The new Gini cages look like they are coming in with some 1/4-20 threads.

  2. peter

    Paul / Daniel - the holes are not industry specific, but regular M5 0.8
    Not impressed with it at all, I will have to tap lots of 1/4 20 threads.


  3. Paul

    I just got my Gini Cage 007 H3 yesterday and was thrilled until I attempted to attach my field monitor to the top cheese plate and I discovered that the holes are not 1/4 20 or 3/8! I took it to my local camera shop to see if they recognized the holes' dimensions but they were just as perplexed as I was.

    Has anyone had success attaching anything to your Gini Rig using the cheese plate? If so, how? Is it in anyway standard? I'm sure I could find that right bolt at my local hardware store, but that really doesn't do me too much good unless it some how meshes up with my field monitor, mic mount and Juice Box.

    Any help?

  4. Emm, thanks for a great site! And to all of the other commenters, you have all helped me make this decision. Thanks! I found cheesycam via the new Cinema5D reviews section. They did a jib "shootout" that consisted of short write-ups of three jibs and embedded videos from different places, one of which is yours... I really want that 4 foot crane, but I want a cage for my Magic Lantern 60D first to mount the Hyperdeck Shuttle, shotgun mic, recorder, etc., and eventually, a mattebox with a vND.

    I like the design of the TRUSMT (especially the cable lock and helicoils (is that really what they are called? I think they are free running inserts and a company that makes popular mandrels (and other tools) for inserting them is called Helicoil, but I digress...)) Anyway, I'm not going to spend $390 on a cage.

    So I have been stalking Gini's eBay page for a few days now, because they seem like a close second to the TRUSMT and as good or better than all of the affordable cages I have seen recently. I read the long comments thread on another post here, which I can't find, but it has 95 comments, most of which are about Ginis pricing and related eBay adventures and how, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE, must you order from his website. eBay only for Gini purchases!

    So I bid $265 on a full cage set, but I get sniped. In the morning I see that I've gotten a second chance offer from Gini, but when I finally decided to accept, it's expired! So back to his listings and I see the exact same rig for an opening bid of $247 and a couple of other configs that I like better at lower opening bids (all no reserve and free shipping!) It seems like his (their?) pricing is fickle and highly variable...

    Last night I won his "New Year Sale ! Cage - 007 H3" config for $152.50 (item 270907542737.) And I just got the UPS tracking number this morning, but they haven't scanned it yet. I don't know what the 007 means, but the H3 means it has the standard left and right hand handles plus a top handle. It includes the cage, the rails, and the three handles, which seems like a deal and a half to me. I plan on leaving one support off to leave room for the articulating screen on my 60D and making one of the cable locks from another of your post. I may even get a mandrel and some free running inserts (or locking ones!) The possibilities are mind boggling!

    One question I have is: Do you have to use the rails? Or can you just mount the cage directly to a quick release plate? I don't know when I will get a mattebox or follow focus, but I don't think I need the rails until then, right? Also, which quick release do you recommend? I have a manfrotto tripod and QR, but it's meant for stills. I think I need the long plates that are compatible with fluid heads, is that right? See, just one question!

    I'll post my impressions after I get it, have put it together, and used it for a bit. Thanks again for a very helpful site, next stop, Merlin Smothee!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Antonio Luz - If you read the forums and comments on this blog, Gini is not someone you try to contact. He is not very good with english and has poor communication with customers. Outside of that his equipment is top notch.

  6. Antonio Luz

    I try to buy this cage, but the seller refuses to answer my doubts and communicate with me, despite my emails. At the end I ask to cancel my bind and an unpaid item has been recorded on my account. Underbred seller. Very disappointed! Beware!

  7. jarrett

    Gini's stuff is great. I hate selling my small one arm rig with the follow focus, but its just overkill for my needs. I wonder if people would even be able to find it on ebay with the other gini auctions going on.

  8. DanielJ

    @Emm - I caved and bought one. I'll let you know my thoughts when it arrives. If it's worth it, I'll post a video.

  9. HD-tography

    Hey guys... if anyone buys one of these cages I'm getting rid of a brand new Custom EASOM Aerospace Double Handle/Mounts I had made (on eBay) which would be perfect for this type of cage design!

    I just placed the link in the classified section of this blog, but I don't think many people know about that section... hopefully Emm doesn't mind me dropping the link here as well (please forgive me if it's not appropriate Emm)

    BTW Those New Gini Cages Are Really Nice! If You're On The Fence About The Parts/Shipping Overseas, They're Top Quality IMO! Don't Worry, Just Go For It!

  10. De Jav

    Gini's products are nice and well built. Not the best as some parts need a lil squeezing, but generally good. I own a few of his products all of which have taken a month at a time to arrive. Shipping is waaaay over priced and when they arrive i always have to pay tax and duty. which adds on another €50. I wont be purchasing anymore products because of this factor and would rather support local european products like shoot35 stuff. Like i said Gini's stuff is good, but by no means cannot be matched by more local business with similar prices.

  11. Yeah I got my rig the other day in 3 days... incredibly fast! I'd be fine with longer shipping for cheaper, but he must have some kind of system/deal worked out with his postal service or something.

  12. Zack

    I ordered a shoulder rig from gini about a month ago, literally 3 days from Seoul, South Korea to Boston, MA USA. Yes his shipping is a bit expensive, but you get your gear so quickly and the quality is absolutely top notch.

  13. scottrellwi

    So he's shipping from outside of the US? If that's the case, then I guess it's acceptable. I assumed he was in the US.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @scotrellwi - He's also been known to ship pretty fast, from overseas, and these parts have some weight to them. His prices are usually rock bottom compared to similar 'high quality' rigs.

  15. I like the use of the rods for adjustment. My problem with cages is fitting the battery grip inside.. also a swing out screen might work with this because you could remove one of the rods and still have full support?

    Gini is the best. I'm also very happy with the new ifocus. If I were to start over on my rig I would consider going all gini (although I prefer all black instead of red/stainless).

    Prices & shipping speed are amazing. I've easily spent the same amount buying in pieces.

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