GearBox GB-R 15mm Rail Upgrade Kit Available

I'm late for an event, sorry to keep this short. Just wanted to share that the first inventory of GB-R 15mm Rail Upgrade kits for the P&C GearBox is now available now. Introductory price at just $40 dollars + Free Shipping in USA (lower 48). If you're looking to expand your GearBox to support 15mm accessories such as a Follow Focus unit, you'll need this little adapter. You can find it at the GB-R product page over at

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51 thoughts on “GearBox GB-R 15mm Rail Upgrade Kit Available

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Dean - I'm not sure what lens you are using and how close the FF is mounted, but you should be able to move the FF further down the rail. The gear on the FF can be repositioned.

  2. Dean

    Hey Emm, Happy New Year

    I have a Kamerar FF mounted on this, all mounted on a baseplate on my 503 tripod.

    The follow focus screw gets in the way trying to slide off the baseplate off the tripod.. Is there a suggested work around?


  3. Hello, I would like to know what exact hot shoe adapters/mini ball heads I should purchase to add features such as a rode video mic to the gearbox, an lcd screen or a h41n audio recorder. I bought my gearbox, but I can't put the rode video mic directly to it because it doesn't have a screw attachment- looks like I need an adapter IE a hot shoe adapter of some kind... please list hot shoe adapter/mini ball head links for the connections that helped mount the things to the gearbox in this video!!! Trying to purchase them today asap. Thanks

  4. Joe m

    Wasn't expecting such a quick response, this site is proving to be a great resource!

    Think ill go for the cheap ebay option 🙂 thanks again from London.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Joe m - Cinevate's Simplis uses a Manfrotto Quick Release Baseplate with 15mm Rods. You would need two pieces.
    Here's the Base Plate.
    Here's the Rod adapter to fit under baseplate.

    Or you can find one from Express35:

    Or you can try to mount a Manfrotto QR Base to one of these.
    I would try to mount two screws to prevent twisting (might have to drill a bit)

  6. Joe m

    Emm is there a cheap way to attach a manfrotto 577 quick release tripod mount to a 15mm rail system? I want to get a new dslr baseplate for my rig and thought this would be quite a good idea for my FS100 which has lots of screw point underneath. The problem I have with all the 15mm baseplates im seeing is they only have one screw which can leave the camera prone to rotating and moving away from the follow focus. Thanks for your help

  7. imgpro615

    i got my gearbox and rods adapter but with the quick release plate attached, the camera is too high for a non height adjustable follow i will hafta get one of those or a single rod FF...

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - There is no handle that mounts directly to the top that I know of at this time.

  9. Ordered mine yesterday. Very nice and solid looking gearbox.

    @Emm, do you know of a top handle which attaches directly to the top of the gearbox? I'd like to have an additional top handle on the gearbox but don't need the rods. Thanks!

  10. imgpro615

    ordered the rods adapter first since it was in shorter supply...then the gearbox...rods came couple weeks ago...gear box came today...shipped so fast...

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @SightWorkz - There is basic 1/4-20 holes under the rod mount, which might line up. Let me check.

  12. Hey Emm, would the rail mount work on top of the GB if I wanted more of a bulldog style rig? If not, how would you recommend getting rails attached to the top (I'm sure its possible with all those holes)? I'm already sold on the GB and rail kit, I'm just trying to see if I should order a second rail adapter for the top.

  13. @Ean - I think I nearly have the same plate but it is a tiny bit to wide to open the battery slot. Have you tested this one with the GH2?

    If you dont use the Gearbox with Rods you can actually move the GH2 to the hole on the right and use the carved out space to open the battery slot. This is quite useful if don't need a follow focus.

  14. Mirko

    Got my cage with the upgrade kit today and I must say I'm impressed. The quality is excellent and it looks very solid.

  15. got mine today, great quality... only downturn for me is that I cannot change batteries on my GH2, have to unscrew first.
    the rods are best quality i have had so far, extremely solid.

  16. LM

    Would a 60d with a canon battery grip fit in this?


  17. Ean

    Ordered my rails today and love the gearbox, by the way. What is that handle you are using on the original prototype video and is that some kind of extension you are using to make it that high?

  18. Len

    I'd like to order the Gearbox and rail kit, but need the Gearbox opening to be a little taller. Have you determined yet whether it will work with a second set of extenders and, if it will, what they will cost?

  19. chapmuzic

    Yes Sir!! Ordered my rail set as soon as I got the email as well. I had been checking all weekend! Would be great to have a follow focus specifically designed for the gear box set up including the gears that mount on your lenses designed to match up with the follow focus! I'm holding out...waitin on the P&C slider!! Keep it commin Emm Great stuff!

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @JSS - They Rod Adapter can only mount under the GearBox, it will not mount directly under the camera.

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Nigel - There is only a limited amount of Rod Adapters and they wanted those who already ordered the GearBox to be able to upgrade first. Maybe in another week or two the full kit will be available.

  22. Emm

    Post author

    @Pip Kato - For international, shipping is added for each item. There is only a limited amount of Rod Adapters and they wanted those who already ordered the GearBox to be able to upgrade first. Maybe in another week or two.

  23. Emm

    Post author

    @QjKit - There is only a limited amount of Rod Adapters and they wanted those who already ordered the GearBox to be able to upgrade first. Maybe in another week or two.

  24. Emm

    Post author

    @J Hanna - The Rod Clamp is designed to screw to the bottom of the GearBox. I don't see a way it can mount to the camera directly.

  25. J Hanna

    Question for you...
    Can this be screwed into the bottom of a camera directly?
    I'm trying to put together a minimobile package. and this seems like it could do it.
    but the side pieces look like they turn up

  26. QiKit

    Hey Emm, When will the Gearbox GB-2 be available?Am ordering from out of North America, would wanna try to lessen the shipping charges. Thanks

  27. Pip Kato

    Hello Emm.

    I just checked adding both Gearbox and the Rail Kit separately to my Cart and I'm being charged separately for each item's international shipping, so doubling my shipping cost.

    Is this correct?

    When the combined kit GB-2 of Gearbox and Rail Kit becomes available will it count as a single shipment or as two?


  28. Pip Kato

    I'm a little confused about this item.

    I can't order the combined Gearbox and Rail Kit it seems - shows as 'not available'. But I can order each item separately at the same combined price and have them shipped together internationally?

    Is this correct?


  29. Nigel

    Hi I am an international buyer.. wondering why GB-2 is not available? because if I buy separately it will incur more shipping cost right? i saw my shipping rates is US30 for 2 items.. 🙁

  30. Just ordered the Gearbox together with the rail kit. I think I am going to use GB a lot. Been looking at other cages but this one just looks right. Great product Emm!

  31. getem

    Anyway I can contact P&C as it is saying my PayPal address is not confirmed when it already is, + I ordered from them already


  32. getem


    What is the contact info I am trying to order and it says will only shipped to confirm pay pal addresses.... I have already ordered 3 items from P&C what's the problem?

  33. JSS

    Hey Emm can the rails be used by themselves to add follow focus or whatever to a camera or are they made just to use in conjunction with the gear box (which I have ordered already thanks to you)

  34. Sqweezy

    Score! Just ordered my Gearbox with the rail kit. Thanks Emm!

    Any future plans for P&C to make their own follow focus or shoulder mount to complement this awesomely affordable setup?

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