Funky Lightweight Tripod

How cool is this little tripod? Definitely could have used this while I was out and about in Maui, Hawaii with my GoPro HD or even my Canon SX210 IS. This Zipshot tripod from Tamrac would even work perfectly for setting my Speedlite flashes when doing outdoor photography. Or how about using it to quickly setup a Rode Microphone or Zoom H4n Portable Audio recorder while doing an interview? Whoa, i'm getting so many ideas.... You can find the Zipshot Tripod on eBay by clicking this link.

One thought on “Funky Lightweight Tripod

  1. Kay O. Sweaver

    An old girlfriend of mine found an amazing mini tripod at BestBuy about five years ago. It was $10, extended to about 4ft but was about 8" when fully collapsed. Though I wouldn't recommend it I was even able to balance my 20D with an 28-135mm.

    Worth looking out for. All my photography buddies bought them and hung them from our beltloops when out and about.

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