FREE Set of 6″ 15mm Carbon Fiber Rails with Purchase of 12″

Reminder, the FREE Set of 15mm Carbon Fiber Rails deal at PVGEAR ends tomorrow. Limited time and limited quantity. These are made from real Carbon Fiber (not fake plastic ones) - super lightweight and super strong. [only available for USA residents lower 48] USE PROMO CODE: pvgear6

Not only does it make your rig look more professional with the flat black carbon fiber, but it's also an excellent way to shave weight from your Rig. I also use Carbon Fiber rails for the top bar of my custom mini gimbals (seen here). Converting a few of my setups from metal 15mm rails to 15mm Carbon Fiber, I was literally able to take off a couple of pounds. You can also see a pair of 20" Carbon Rails used with my ENG Lens Rig (seen here).

More about the deal over at the website


13 thoughts on “FREE Set of 6″ 15mm Carbon Fiber Rails with Purchase of 12″

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @pete alexander - Rods are always handy to build stuff up. Here's a quick little setup on some 6" rails with my BMPCC. 12" ones would be overkill, so sometimes it's nice to have the shorties.

    I have a cheeseplate on back to mount an external battery, and enough rails up front for a follow focus.

  2. Scot

    @Emm - Took your advice and waited a bit. This time I got the discount and was able to place my order... :o)

    Also is there a way to cap these rods off (I don't see any threads at the ends)?

    Thanks again!

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Scot - Possibly out of available inventory, or try again in a few hours. The deal doesn't end until tonight.

  4. ryan

    @Emm I've been eyeing the CAME rigs but I really need a smaller setup. Easy to transport and carry. That thing looks huge. Hence why I ask about your mini setup within this post. 12in. top handle with a 6in. drop would be quite nice in terms of size. Is it absolutely stupid of me to try convert a CAME 7500 or 7000 setup on these size bars? I hesitate to even ask... 🙁

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @ryan - I don't have it on me right now, so I will have to check. I think I went with something closer to 16" for the width of my handles. About your Dark Gimbal project, which one do you plan to use with a GH4?

  6. ryan

    @emm For your custom mini gimbal you posted about, whats the width of that top bar? Is that 12in? I'm debating whether I want to go into this potentially deep, dark gimbal hole 🙂 I need a small rig for my gh4 but haven't been able to find anything.

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