FotoDiox Launches 5 New Bi-Color FlapJack LED Edgelights

I recently got my hands on a couple of new Bi-Color FotoDiox FlapJack LED Edgelights. The FlapJack lights have been around for a little while but the product line has now expanded with several new sizes, and now in a temperature adjustable version.

While they are not meant to replace high power LED lighting, the unique design allows these lights to be placed close to subjects while offering a very flattering, soft, wide spread, diffused light. No filters, gels, or modifiers required. Because of this, I see them as being perfect for on-camera use. The large evenly diffused panel is much more comfortable for subjects to look towards, and will reduce harsh shadows.

My favorite version of the FlapJack LED Edgelights is the 4x11 design which when mounted horizontally offers a slim and low profile light, but with a very wide spread. Rotate it vertically, or maybe add a handle for off camera use, and you have a very nice strip light. If you're duties require an on-camera light for such things as event coverage, documentary, product, or macro, the FotoDiox FlapJack LED Edgelights is certainly one to consider with it's unique properties.

Here's another video from FotoDiox along with a description of the video discussing their new lights and a Giveaway opportunity.

via Fotodiox

Today we're launching 5 new bi-color models of the FlapJack LED Edgelight, fully adjustable between 5500K and 3200K color temperatures. Now you can recapture the warmth of the classic tungsten bulb with the power and portability of a FlapJack.

Want even more power? The new models include the brand new 18” FlapJack Studio: an ideal solution for shooters seeking a powerful softlight for larger spaces.

- The FlapJack LED Edgelights are perfect for filling in shadows, giving glamour portraits a beautiful glow or expertly lighting run-and-gun video shoots
- Each model comes with a lithium-ion battery, battery charger, AC adapter, car adapter and mounting ballhead – all in a fitted case with a handle
- Between now and August 15, we're taking 20% off the ENTIRE compact FlapJack line and $100 off of the new FlapJack Studio

Between now and August 10, you're invited to enter a random drawing for a FREE C-300RS 10” circular bi-color FlapJack by sending an email to [email protected] with “FlapJack me!” in the subject line.

NEW Bi-color FlapJack Edgelights -1/2" LED panels

For more information about the various sizes and options available for the FlapJack Daylight or Bi-Color LED Edgelights, visit (here).

led-c200r-02b led-c200s-02b led-c200l-02b
find-price-button FotoDiox Daylight and NEW Bi-Color FlapJack LED Edgelights

15 thoughts on “FotoDiox Launches 5 New Bi-Color FlapJack LED Edgelights

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @T2 - I think it's something you have to play with and see if it works. You can certainly use them for an interview, but it depends how far you need them to be (they should be placed pretty close).

  2. T2

    Emm - Since these lights are better suited for intimate shoots, would you recommend them for interviews (standard 3-light setup)? If so, do you think 3 10" rounds would suffice?

  3. pops

    @Emm - I would be very interested in your opinion of the C300-RS Bicolor vs the R300 with diffusion. Ultimately, I'm curious if the light output is comparable. On paper without diffusion, the R300 is brighter. However, with diffusion they may be close.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @pops - Yeah i'm sure the R300 is overall more powerful, but as you said not as soft. So the benefit of the Flapjack would be for close up type work where you need flattering light in small spaces.

  5. pops

    @ Emm -Thanks for sharing.. I'll do a couple test later tonight. My initial impression is the R300 is brighter and requires 2 diffusion panels to equal the softness of the flapjack. But I'm not sure about the spread yet.

  6. pops

    Emm, How is the spread of the rounds vs. the R300's? I just ordered and received a couple of the 4"x11"'s today. I'm impressed thus far with the quality of light. They are very soft for sure.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Efex - Good question. On their video there's a mention that there isn't any loss when changing temps, but i'm not sure about the comparison between Daylight and Bi-Color.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @earnestreply - They are really designed to mimic softboxes with a wide throw. i'm not sure about barn doors, but I guess it would be good to flag any spill. might be interesting to try with some cardboard to see what the results would be.

    Oh and they feel very rugged, not thin plastic like some led lights. Fotodiox has an excellent return policy and warranty too, check in with them for details.

  9. earnestreply

    These lights look really excellent and the prices are very competitive. 2 questions. How rugged are they? And any suggestions for replicating barn doors on these things?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Louis - There's no one light kit that will be best for weddings. At the reception where it's typically dark, some guys use very bright spots or flood lights on the dance floor.

    These FotoDiox lights would be best when shooting in hotel rooms or homes where the bride and bridesmaids are getting ready. They are slim so you don't need lights with softboxes or modifiers. You can hold them close to photograph details on a dress, jewelry, shoes, hair, makeup, etc. These FotoDiox lights would be great on-camera during the dark reception where you need to capture subjects as this light looks less 'spotty', and use it for your interviews since it's easy to look directly into.

    Match these lights with a camera that is good in low lighting (like a7s), and you won't need to turn the light up very high. Just add a little fill light and dial in the temperature.

    But expect to try other lights as well when you need to light up an entire dance floor area, or if you are trying to do work outside during mid-day overpowering the sun.

  11. Louis

    Hi Ema,
    I am starting to do wedding video. Of all the lights that you have tasted and used, can you recommend me a kit that I can buy. I will like to stay under $1500.

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