FotoDiox Canon EF Lens to Sony ND Throttle Fusion Adapter – 24 Hour Flash Deal

I posted a short overview of the FotoDiox ND Throttle Fusion Adapter not too long ago. It's a clever lens adapter that will get your Canon EF Autofocus lenses mounted to your Sony camera bodies (like A7sII, A7RII) and allow you to fully communicate with the lens using the Sony dials buttons. The adapter supports autofocus, image stabilization, and adjustment of iris. But obviously the big difference is the built in Variable ND Filter that allows you to more ways to control your exposure. Check out the video below for more details.

Now there are times you may not need a variable ND filter on the camera, especially when shooting in dim lighting. So that makes this 24 Hour Flash Deal something to consider. With the purchase of an ND Throttle Auto Adapter, FotoDiox will throw in a Smart Adapter as well (basically same thing without the nd filter). This deal ends on Wednesday (8.17.16) at Midnight CST, and in order to get the deal you must ADD Both Items to Cart and use coupon code THROTTLEUP.

Click here to get your Smart Fusion ND Throttle AND Free Auto Adapter today (click here).

FotoDiox FLASH ND Throttle
FotoDiox 24 Hour FLASH DEAL. Purchase ND Throttle ND Auto and Receive FREE Smart Adapter.

8 thoughts on “FotoDiox Canon EF Lens to Sony ND Throttle Fusion Adapter – 24 Hour Flash Deal

  1. Post author

    @Mike F - Yes there is a bit of color but not much. I have an old test on my website, and there are other tests on the internet of this same adapter. For the convenience, quality, and price, it's a tough bit of kit to beat.

  2. Juan

    Just wondering what case are you guys using to store your adapters? They come with no case (the metabones does)


  3. Corey Robson

    Anyone else have problems getting their adapter to focus to infinity? Shimming the mount made it worse, it needs to be a hair thinner on mine.

  4. Jeremy

    Thanks for doing the review in your previous post and letting us know about the deal. I really want to pick one up but I'm hesitant to do so because I'm not sure about the quality of the ND inside the adapter. I've worked with cheap ND before, and they seem to lose a lot of sharpness once you start hitting focal lengths of 135mm and up. I know you did a short comparison at the end of your review video but it's a little difficult to conclude much from it. Just wondering if you did any more testing in terms of sharpness over more telephoto focal lengths? And did you see a large amount of color shift with it?

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