Finally DJI OSMO X5 Adapter, External Battery, and Z-Axis ISO Arm

I know a lot of people were waiting for this, and it's finally here - the official DJI OSMO X5 Adapter to (properly) mount that Mirrorless X5 Interchangeable Lens camera.

dji osmo x5 adapterdji osmo x5 camera adapter
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This is pretty big news for those looking for the smallest combination of ILC and 3-Axis Gimbal. But with a bigger camera this means shorter battery life. So DJI has also announced an OSMO external battery extender. The battery extender allows for a DC input, or you can get an optional cable to connect directly with one of your DJI Drone batteries.

osmo battery extender dc out external battery djidji osmo external battery extender
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And for active shooting to where you need additional stabilization on vertical movements (up/down running, jumping, car mount, etc), they've added a Z-Axis arm accessory that works like a mini Steadicam ISO Arm.

dji osmo vertical stabilization z axis armdji osmo z axis stabilization
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DJI has certainly thought of just about everything, but the X5 camera isn't cheap (unless you already have an Inpsire1 Pro). The X5 is a micro four-thirds camera and starts at $1699 (here).

dji osmo x5 camera
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And just in case you're not familiar with the DJI OSMO, here's an introductory video showing the basic version with the entry level X3 camera.

Of course you can improve the OSMO system greatly by adding some of the new accessories and camera mentioned in this article.
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10 thoughts on “Finally DJI OSMO X5 Adapter, External Battery, and Z-Axis ISO Arm

  1. Paul

    Hi Cheesycam,

    I appreciate your blog and reviews. However you are wrong on this. After I read your post I got excited and ordered Z-axis for my DJi X5. Waited 4 weeks to get it to find out It doesn't work. Its too heavy. Contacted DJI and they say it's only compatible with X3. I would suggest researching and informing your readers of this error. They did not say when Z-Axis for X5 would be available. Good thing is I could sell and get my money back plus some as its a 1-2 month wait for them.

  2. Post author

    @Apostolos - Encoders is a bit of hardware that tracks motor positions very accurately. So when I say a gimbal has or doesn't have encoders, it's hardware. The hardware to track motor positions improves stabilization greatly as opposed to gimbals without as it has more feedback to calculate with and much more accurate over sensors alone.

    The SBGC software itself allows you to create custom profiles. But most gimbals will come with preconfigured profiles, especially the GoPro ones as they only work with one type of camera. Other systems designed for a variety of cameras a bit tricky as they need to be tuned according to the operator's camera setup.

  3. Well, the wedding season is starting out and I need to get at least one within the next ten days or so. Maybe I can get the one for the GoPro. What do the encoders do, create a custom profile for each camera?

  4. Post author

    @Apostolos - I'm not sure if you're in a rush to buy a gimbal, but both of the ones you shared do not incorporate encoders which is what every new gimbal has been implementing. It's not just a fad, it really does make a huge difference in stability and battery performance. I just feel that if you buy one without encoders today, in the next few months you'll feel pretty outdated. If you're not in a rush, keep an eye out on all the new ones. Prices may get cheaper with the encoder versions.

  5. Hey Emm, what do you think of this item? The larger type of motor stabilizer, they have a ton of specs, that I don't understand.

    Also, have you ever tried the GVB brand of handheld stabilizers for the GoPro. I know you like the Came, but this one dips occasionally to $180 at Β&Η vs $300 for the Came.

  6. Hi Emm! Posting here to see if any one have tested the z-axis yet? Intrested in what the osmo z-axis can deliver. One observation is that the adapter is in between handle and camera. Some DIY solutios using a mic stand have the adapter as a handle. Less mounting maybe, what do you think?
    Diy from youtube.

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