Edelkrone 2ft Slider that Slides more than 2ft?

Edelkrone has claimed to have 'Reinvented the Slider'. From what i'm seeing, I would agree. This time around it looks like they've conjured up a 2 ft slider that slides longer than 2 ft. Or is it a 1ft slider that slides 2 ft? As most dual rail sliders require two stands, the Slider Plus only requires one tripod.

Slider Plus Edelkrone

Starting your video from one end of common sliders will often show your rails in view, but with Edelkrone's unique retracting design, the rails move with the camera. Starting at $499, you can find more information about Edelkrone's latest release at the Slider Plus product page (Click Here)

Edelkrone Slider Plus Retractable 2ft Slider

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  1. Dave

    I got used slider from ebay from Czech Republic!
    After I got it there was some loose between bearing and tracks. They upload some pictures on eBay where they show the slider with BRAKE on the side. I got one without! I ask them about the looses and missing brake.
    They just respond the looses are normal (??!!??) and they already stop selling slider with brake because of lack of smoothness. So I'm stock with slider which can stop and be lock only in center position not whenever I want.

    Ebay description they wrote: USED FOR PERSONAL PURPOSES FOR SMALL PROJECT.
    The thing is that the address they have is the same like the address EDELKRONE website have for RETURNS! So in reality I didn't get some slider which was used for "ONE SMALL" project but something what somebody else return for any reason (example toss tracks and loos bearings etc)
    So from the description: I got slider in great condition. In life I get dysregulated piece of [email protected]#$!
    They are just dishonest and bunch of liars.

  2. CROoney

    Guys, the other day I saw a guy with this slider and I asked him WTH was that and he told me " It's the best piece of equipement I've ever bought". So I would like to buy one myself, and I sure will. You can pack it in your backpack that you put camera in and off you go.

  3. Brad

    Guys, they have a three foot slider too. It is, however, $799. So you are paying for the technology, the portability and from what I've read from other buyers is it's ultra smooth and quiet and is designed to add on a motor once they release it. In the case of the buyer that received the broken one, they do have shipping insurance that you can buy for an additional $9. Hopefully they replace his though. Other sliders in this price range or below tend to not be smooth and noisy. I am very tempted to buy this one.

  4. John

    Just a warning to those purchasing this product, I got mine in the mail today and it was broken. The belt was snapped and the whole pc was locked and would not slide, basically the entire unit was not assembled correctly. To make matters worse it shipped with no instructions and the card that had the site where the instructions are located was a blank page. They want me to pay for having it shipped back to the Czech Republic and then I have to wait until they deem whether or not they are going to replace it. Also if of some reason they don’t receive this package they won’t refund me, so basically I just bought a $500 paper weight. I would advise everyone to not buy this product and to stick with Kessler who have real customer service and way better quality control. Now I must wait an additional 2 weeks assuming all goes well. Once again I seriously think Edelkrone should be held accountable for their actions and this sort of thing should not be acceptable in our community, we work hard for the gear we buy and their attitude is simply awful towards their defective products

  5. mark fraunhofer

    anyone has any review of it? they just started selling 1.5 feet version so 3 feet slide, I honestly feel they pricing model is just cruel, charging $200 for .5 feet increase in length with everything else the same is just rude.

  6. well, i ordered it. I'm planning a shoot where I'll be doing a lot of hiking so I'm hoping to leaving my Kessler pocket dolly behind. I have the same concerns as the rest. 1ft on the ground is not great and I really hope I can use my smaller carbon fibre tripod with it because the portability was the only thing that sold me on this. I guess I have some faith in Edelkrone's designers. We'll see!

  7. I must say I am very interested in this but worry how it works "real world" I ended up just getting a simple Glide-track friction sider as its sold and simple I found rollers to be a pain and this looks even more complicated, I guess it really comes down to what you shoot. However having the option to keep a slider in your kit bag has to be an advantage.

  8. Rabi

    One thing I will say is that I love the fact that it has that center mount - I completely avoid rail sliders because carrying two supports is a pain.

  9. Rabi

    I'd say I feel like a lot of people seem to: I was initially very, very impressed, but on second thought it might be over-engineered. For people who only need two feel of travel and are very concerns with size, I think this thing might be awesome. For a lot of other people, it's probably not worth it.

    I would want to play with one to see how it feels on a moderately-sized tripod. If you need heavy-duty sticks like the ones pictures, then you have completely negated the value of the smaller slider. If you can use it on a small tripod, then I would definitely consider it for travel work.

  10. Steve

    This is a great idea but priced way to high for what you are getting. Most of the time I am sliding on the ground or off of something so I would be limited to a 1ft slide. Just not enough to make an effective shot. Even with 2 feet I can't say I would be happy with. This slider needs to be priced at $199.00 without the motor. I will stick with my Konova Slider with motor since I paid less and I have everything and double the slide. Come out with a 4ft slider and I might be interested.

  11. Look at it for what the end result is... You have a maximum of 2ft and only 1ft on the ground. LOOKS AWESOME.. but I think the term "overengineered", as someone stated earlier, fits this like a glove.

    Until I can see this in person, I am also worried about balance on a tripod. If the price ever goes down, it would be worth checking out... but even still, I wouldn't purchase a 1ft slider that slides* two feet.

    I will have to stick with my Konova.

  12. john

    is this by motor only or can we do sliding shots with our hands?
    details are lacking..

    In the video, is the motor even attached?

  13. Brad

    Also, You can make this for under $100 and make it so it works sitting on the ground. In fact, you can probably just mount a wood block to the tripod intended thread, and it will work just fine.

  14. Brad

    Super simple design really, and of course it can be expanded upon infinitely. Just need longer timing belt.

    You can do this with a curved platform as well. Being a mechanical engineer demystifies a lot of the simple consumer level camera equipment.

  15. looks really interesting but I wonder how heavy your tripod must be to carry the weight, also will it "dip" from one end to the other? why is there no test footage out?

  16. Frank

    great design..but defeats the purpose of portability because you have to carry a tripod to fully utilize the two feet sliding length.

  17. V

    Little flaw in their innovation and marketing, if this is meant to be a backpackable slider and it obviously is, it doesn't work because you only get 1ft of travel on the ground (which is pathetic) and you need a massive tripod to be able to support it and even then when the weight shifts it will dip, I'm guessing quite a bit. Not for me, still waiting for that genius design, haven't seen it yet.

  18. Ed

    was about to get a konova a week ago but decided to wait- glad I did. This is badass- super badass if they make a 4ft version. Time to start saving....

    As it is now- it looks like a 1ft unit that slides to 2ft. 2ft starting wouldn't fit in a backpack like they advertise.

  19. Darius

    I think the two places this helps you is lowering your travel profile and avoiding the slider in parallel in/out shots. Otherwise there was never a problem fitting a two foot slider onto a single tripod and as David mentioned, this couldn't really be extended into a larger format than say 4ft and still used on a single tripod.

    Smoothness is still tbd so I won't factor that in yet, but really what you have to ask yourself when buying this is whether those two primary features are worth the price difference over, say, a Konova slider.

  20. Brillant design and I think it is very well priced. I would order one today if I was in the market for a slider. The yet to be released motor for this could be the thing that gets me to order one if it is just a compact. I have a kessler pocket dolly which I love, but the motor for it is expensive and setup lengthy for a guy that shoots mostly weddings.

  21. Asdf

    See how they use a pretty hefty tripod to demo it? The extra portability will be negated by the weight required to keep it stable.
    The concept could be used to give you an extra foot or two of movement on a longer slider.

  22. Dock

    Meh. I think Edelkrone really has some good ides but their execution makes it fall out of most people price range. Yes, you can fit this in your backpack but you can't but it on the ground?? And 2 feet of movement is barely enough to be worth it.

    I'll stick with my 80cm Konova as it's light weight and surprisingly portable and doesn't have these limitations.

  23. imgpro615

    i think the concept is completely brilliant and i am damned SURE that there are longer ones on the way and in the works...cannot wait til that patent expires so some good cheap clones can come along...cause five bills is NOT gonna happen on MY shoestring...

  24. I'm a little concerned about tripod balance. It looks as though the thing is ready to tip over. If it's only a foot off the center perhaps not, but if they plan on making a larger version, balance could be an issue.

  25. Dan

    I am doubtful that they will come out with anything larger than this 2' design because of the rail shifting design, it removes all counterweight on the other side, which anything longer than 1' away from the tripod mount point would make it unsafe, and tip over most unweighted tripods.

  26. Kane Holz

    99% sure its a 1 footer that expands to 2 foot ! a 60cm slider doesnt fit any backpack 😉 a 30/1foot slider will.. its designed for people traveling with it.. 60cm/2foot is waay to large for that..

  27. David K

    It looks pretty cool. If it works as smoothly as the video looks, I might consider it.

    It doesn't look like this concept can be extended from a 1-2' slider to a 2-4' slider, though. You generally have to support a 4' slider with a second tripod or light stand - the weight of the camera has too much leverage when it's all the way on either end. But this design makes it impossible to support with more than one tripod. Hmm.

  28. Rob

    Love the idea the price is not too bad but I really need more than a 2 foot move. Please come out with a 4 foot motorized version and I am a buyer all day.

  29. Luke

    Edelkrone guys are geniuses... It is a good thing they live in turkey though!

    If this was made by any if the US companies it would easily be $1000 or more!

    Still $500 is way beyond my budget sadly...

  30. Lucent

    I cant tell, but I THINK it's a 1ft slider that moves 2 ft. They mention that if you put it on the ground, you can only slide 1 foot. I LOVE the idea of this design, I just dont love the pricetag quite yet.

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