Dynamic Perception Stage One Motorized Motion Control Time-Lapse Slider

Above is a Demo Reel from DynamicPerception.com, a company that offers motorized motion control sliders primarily used for Time-Lapse Photography. The latest product added to their line is the Stage One slider (found here). Unlike most sliders that have to be purchased as a set length, the Stage One slider can be broken down to 21" sections that will allow you to fit the equipment into standard Airline Carry-on sized luggage when traveling.

Dynamic Perception shipped over the Stage One Motorized Slider kit with an MX2 Controller, and without checking the online documentation, I was able to dive in, assemble, and figure out the basic functions. If you follow their extensive online support documentation and instructional videos, I feel anyone should be able to tackle this piece of equipment.

It is designed to be used with stands and offers a 5/8" light stand mount, 3/8" mount, or 1/4" tripod mounts. The Stage One does not come with legs or feet, so you'll need to keep it elevated slightly to operate. I'm hoping they will offer some type of adjustable legs, similar to what the Konova or Varavon sliders offer. It's very well crafted and designed to to readily accept optional accessories for more advanced use. The basic (non-motorized) kit comes with (4) 21" rails that can be assembled into a 42" slider (additional rails can be purchased to extend the slider further).

find-price-button Dynamic Perception Stage One Time-Lapse Slider

I have plans to take this kit out to CES Las Vegas in January, so hopefully I can have some interesting footage to share soon after the trip. Even if you're not ready to tackle Time-Lapse just yet, I suggest taking a look at some of the informational video tutorials covering How to shoot HDR Timelapse, setting up Shoot-move-Shoot (InterLeave), Time-lapse video post processing, Time Remapping, and more. There's also amazing Time-Lapse Video examples submitted by customers to help inspire your next time-lapse project over at DynamicPerception.com.

9 thoughts on “Dynamic Perception Stage One Motorized Motion Control Time-Lapse Slider

  1. You should checkout the Emotimo tb3 unit. Put it on the stage 0/1 and replace the dc motors with stepper motors and the tb3 can drive the whole unit without the mx2.

    The tb3 allows a set start and set finish position for all 3 axis' via a wii remote which is awesome. Also you can run the tb3 from a laptop with gbtimelapse installed and have the software autoramp exposures based on histogram luminosity values.

    Think the holy grail - night to day with 3 axis movement!

  2. mad

    seems a lot quieter than the konova motor.. is it?

    doesn't seem like you need more than one motor like konova...? you can get multiple speeds with whats included in the complete system or do you have to purchase anything in addition like an extra motor?

    also im not sure on the motors. any advice on which to decide? which one did you have?

    how is it in comparison to konova when going vertical... can it?

    found a guy that's selling one online and trying to decide if im buying it used for a deal as new is pretty expensive. either way its still gonna be a lot of cash

    thanks for all your help man

  3. mad

    was about to buy a konova smart control bundle but not sure now.

    Emm, where did you get your motor? did it come bundled?

  4. I have been using the Dynamic Perception MX2 controller for my motion timelapse. It is basically the heart of the system, a superb product especially with the upgradable firmware plus fantastic support from the company.

    The MX2 controls a Konova motor and Merlin head on my DIY slider. Will post a video later with sample footage.

  5. Austin

    It looks amazing, was originally looking at the Konova K3 slider with the motor control but thats only 1 meter long (any longer I feel like would make it a bit of a pain for both video work and timelapse) but this looks like an amazing slider for time lapse.

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