DSLR 15mm P&C Baseplate Mod

Here's a clever way to take advantage of the GB-R 15mm Rail kit that is typically used for the P&C GearBox. Carl Pendle modified this by adding a small quick release adapter to mount to his camera directly. It's an inexpensive way to add rails for supporting 15mm accessories with a minimal footprint. [Thanks Carl]

find-price-button P&C GB-R 15mm Dual Rail Kit

12 thoughts on “DSLR 15mm P&C Baseplate Mod

  1. Carl

    I just thought I'd reply to a few comments about my set up in the video. Firstly thank you to all your kind comments.
    I would say to Joe that this set up is rock solid mainly because it is such a well made product and that manfrotto base plate is not going anywhere. Yes it is a budget solution but that is not why I came up with it. I shoot a lot of handheld work in tight spaces and most base plates are either very tall or very heavy and this is none of those.
    I do hope Emm and his P&C team come up with something similar and a more practical design as I see this as being very popular with DSLR shooters.

  2. Rabi

    Assuming you can get a nice solid mount between the adaptor and the quick release, this seems like a really nice idea for a cheap, low-profile rods system. Not enough companies make baseplates with built-in bottom mounts, and getting a separate piece to mount the system to a tripod adds bulk.

  3. Jeremy

    I wish they would make this with a small metal base plate on top, to just have a small, set of rails that could easily be screwed right onto my camera... I don't need a whole cage, or want to stack up quick release adapters.

  4. Love the resourcefulness but I have to wonder about how solid this setup is. There is not a lot of surface area on that qr, and the whole thing probably has some serious flex when focusing. I can't understand why people are so bent on going the cheapest route possible when it comes to support. I could understand if this was an NEX or something but that body/lens combo cost at least a couple thousand bucks. (help me out canon guys 5d/7d 24-70/24/105?) It makes me think people only care about toys and not actually creating beautiful images.

  5. imgpro615

    the kamerar ff will be splendid for this! and I am excited that someone else has tried it and actually made a video!!

  6. Evan Bourcier

    I've actually been debating trying this for the times I want my FF but don't feel like lugging the cage, maybe this can be a christmas project... Anyone know what brand focus gears those are?

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