Double L Flash Macro Rail Fig Rig



Chuckarama sends in his complete configuration using two Alzo brackets, one double flash bracket, and a Macro Rail. The Macro rail is not necessary, you can probably swap that for a nice QR adapter. So everything looks like a straight bolt on of parts without any DIY cutting, grinding, or drilling. It's definitely got a wide grip stance for extra stability and at the same time plenty of room for accessory mounting with the 4 cold shoes.

I was planning to cut an Aluminum flat bar to join my two L brackets together, but I really like the simplicity of that double flash bracket, I may have to go that route myself. This design is for lightweight setups, so i'll probably use this setup without a battery grip. I should be able to shrink down many of the accessories I have if I use the Zoom H1 instead of Zoom H4n, and change the Rode VideoMic to the smaller Sennheiser MKE-400 Shotgun Mic. I'll also replace the usual 126 LED Video Light with the Z96 Dimmable LED light to make things even more rigid and compact and it should be a nice little runner gunner.

Z96 Dimmable DSLR Video Light

9 thoughts on “Double L Flash Macro Rail Fig Rig

  1. terry

    I just received my straight and 2 (L) brackets. How to you remove the accessory screw that attaches the camera to the bracket?

  2. Tony


    Here's mine:

    Used the Sima L brackets, Cullman QR kit, and some parts off my never used Varizoom Flowpod. It's pretty light until I get the camera on there with the Tamrom 17-50...

    Thanks emm, for the inspiration.


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  4. dorn

    does anyone know, where to get this L Bracket in europe???
    I cant find it anywhere. The US seller wants 72$ shipping to europe!!!

    I would really like to have one or two of these...

  5. Scott M

    I found the macro rail slider cheaper on ebay as well. About 21 bucks on ebay with free shipping!

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  7. Mike

    I just wanted you to know that I just discovered your site and already consider it a favorite.

    I sold a Canon XHA1 (too big, sick of dealing with tapes) and got a Canon T2i. It's because of your blog that I just ordered Zoom H1. Keep up the great work; it's very much appreciated.

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