DJI Phantom 3 4K Camera Lightbridge Visual Positioning

DJI has just announced the new Phantom 3 Quadcopter this morning. Many of it's features are similar to the more expensive Inspire1 including Lightbridge to stream and HD Feed from the 4K camera stabilized on a 3 axis gimbal. Visual Positioning sensors under the craft allow you to fly indoors without GPS. BTW, GPS has also been upgraded to track more satellites for more accurate positioning. The motors have been ugpraded for more power but still allowing up to 23 minutes of flight time. [Unfortunately if you plan to upgraade, the old Phantom batteries won't work]

DJI Phantom 3 Lightbridge Visual Positioning
find-price-button DJI Phantom 3 with 4K Camera + Gimbal + Lightbridge HD + Visual Positioning

Product Description:
A complete 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal system come integrated with the Phantom 3 Professional edition quadcopter from DJI. In addition to video, the camera is capable shooting up to 12MP still photos using JPEG or non-proprietary DNG RAW format. The three axes of the gimbal give you pan and tilt control, and keep the horizon line level even as the aircraft banks. Different gimbal settings allow the camera to lock onto a fixed subject, be moved manually using transmitter rotaries or the app, or to simply provide camera stabilization.

Already available for pre-order and for additional specs and information about the new DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter with 4K Camera, visit the full product page via (click here).

new phantom 3 quadcopter
find-price-button DJI Phantom 3 with 4K Camera + Gimbal + Lightbridge HD + Visual Positioning

18 thoughts on “DJI Phantom 3 4K Camera Lightbridge Visual Positioning

  1. Tom

    Where did you get the info about locking the camera on a specific target to keep it centered? Any more info on automated camera moves?

  2. ryan

    Hmmm interesting. Guess I'll just lay back in the cut and wait and see. Sigh, yet another thing i want. Thanks @Emm

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @ryan - Appearance wise it's not the same camera, and the specs don't share all the same resolutions and framerates as the Inspire1. But who knows if they just limited those specs in firmware, possibly hardware could really be the same.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @John - Yes I believe all the DJI products that run on the software now fly under those conditions.

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @ryan - All my friends are now flying the Inspire1 instead of gopro cameras. Not because of the quality but because it makes flying so much easier when you can see an HD feed, change camera settings while the copter is in the air, start / stop video, snap a photo, change resolutions, color profiles, shutter speed, etc. You do this all from the smart phone app. If you tried to fly a gopro, the experience is not the same and so you would end up spending more time in the air.

  6. ryan

    Is the 4k cam version that bad? All the footage I've seen looks pretty good. Probably after some correction but still... is it THAT much worse than gopro?

  7. I might add, that the Video files from the P3's 4k Camera are only 60-MBPS. Pretty weak for a 4K file, better get exposure right, I also don't see any way to put a Neutral Density filter on the camera. Not needed so much for wider apertures and shallow Depth-of-Field but more for bright Snow, Beach and Water scenes.

  8. John

    Does it have the No Fly restriction just like the Phantom 2? That is my only issue before committing to buying it.

  9. decreres: Thee are a lot of features the Inspire-1 has that the P3 does not, Retractible landing gear is nice, for 360 camera Panning, There is No Panning of the Gimbal of the P3, except to rotate the P3 instead of the camera. Now you get into oreintation issues. Lightbridge that comes with the P3 is not the same as on the Inspire-1. The P3's Lightbridge version has more features.

    In regards to the P3, It's features are pretty cool, and a very improved Drone over there last model the P2+V3. I don't think you will be seeing any So called Fly-Away's with this model, because of the improved electronics.

    My only gripe with the New P3 is the same old Model Toy look. That's why they could keep the price down, same body design, nothing inspiring! They have away to go to improve C Service, and parts and battery availability.

    I want a Drone Bad, but I have a budget, and specific features that I want in a Drone, It's starting to get closer with each new Model release.

  10. I think that yesterday DJI killed the I1 appeal... a consumer product like P3 now has the SAME camera, SAME controller, SAME app, SAME light bridge.... for less than half the price. DJI marketing director should make a long zen meditation before deciding to kill a product line appeal only 3 months after market launch

  11. @Jason good luck with the wait for a new camera-less version. I was told that Dji and gopro have completely split ways and all the newer phantoms will have the built in camera (hence the inspire and phantom 3)

  12. Jason

    waiting for them to announce a camera-less version. Not interested in either of these, bleh!

  13. Jason

    wow thanks Emm, I was about to buy phantom 2 vision+. Well I guess I will just wait for this.

    How about (f550 or phantom2) + gimbal + gopro 4 over this?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Alex - Inspire has 360 panoramic view (panning left right) and dual operator remotes. Still worth getting the inspire1.

  15. Alex

    How does it compare to the Inspire ? I just bought the Inspire, hope I'm not going to regret not getting this vs inspire ( at almost TRIPLE the price )

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