DIY Wireless Million Color LED Video Lights

A simple tip to making a boring background interesting is to add a bit of color. Instead of using colored gels, i'm actually using color changing LED lights. You can see an example of how I've added a blue wash on the background with my FREE Manfrotto Monopod Give Away video (below). The best part is that with a simple swipe on my iPhone, I can literally change my background to a million different colors. So how is this all done?

Well, i'm going to show you a fun and easy way to create a DIY Wireless LED Light that can achieve millions of colors, and can all be controlled wirelessly through your iPod Touch, Tablet, or Smart Phone. The color wheel in the App allows you to blend the RGB LED lights to a variety of creative colors, control brightness, and even control the speed of sweeping (color changing) effects.

The LED Lights i'm using (found here Amazon) for this DIY Light Panel are originally designed for Car under lighting. The lighting tubes (not the brain) should be pretty durable and even weatherproof. The lights come with clips which make them easy to mount, and can be powered by a simple 12V battery to make the entire unit extremely portable. Hmm...could be interesting to use under my bed frame...

The only downfall to this kit is the long cables, but there are smaller units available for interior lighting. These kits can be purchased in small 2, 4, or even up to 10 LED bars. Lots of fun, easy to setup, and with your imagination i'm sure you can figure out some very creative ways to use these. I would love to hear what type of ideas you guys come up with (comment below).

Check them out via Amazon and eBay (below).

Wireless Bluetooth DIY LED LightBluetooth Wireless LED Light Cheesycam iPhone iOS Android
find-price-button Wireless Bluetooth LED Light Kit - via eBay

LED Video Light Bluetooth Wireless Cheesycam
find-price-button Wireless Bluetooth LED Lighting Kit - via Amazon

If you're not afraid to dabble in DIY another really great option are these RGB Color Changing LED Light Strips can be purchased for dirt cheap in a variety of lengths (or rolls). Wondering what to do with LED Strip lights? Here's a DIY LED light video using a common reflector from YouTube member Taylordfilms that will give you guys an idea on how to use LED strip lights.

Some of these LED Strips will come bundled with the remote controller to switch to dozens of colors (found here).

DIY RGB Million Color LED Light Strip ControllerRGB Color Changing LED Light Strip
find-price-button DIY RGB LED Light Strip with Color Changing Remote

If you don't believe how cheap these things are, here's a link to an Amazon product where you can get a 16ft strip of 300 RGB Color Changing LEDs + power adapter + remote for under $27 bucks
16ft Color RGB LED Strip Light Controller
find-price-button 300 RGB Color Changing LED + Power Adapter + Remote Controller

If you really want the Wifi feature there are options for special RGB LED Wifi Controllers. Some appear to use a full Wifi SSID (not bluetooth) for extended range. Check out some of the other Wifi LED Remote options to DIY your own million color backdrop (found here).

RGB Color Changing Wifi LED ControllerWiFi RGB LED Strip Controller Wirless Color ChangingWifi RGB Color Change Lighting
find-price-button RGB Color Changing LED WiFi Controller

27 thoughts on “DIY Wireless Million Color LED Video Lights

  1. @John - Yes you can get different RGB controllers and dimmers. But depending on your camera, you may be abel to synch with the rate. The GH4 has Synchro scan that gets rid of flickering.

  2. john

    Do any of the above mentioned controllers have a high enough frequency to avoid flickering at any brightness or color? I have a very innexpensive set of rgb strip lights from amazon with a push button remote, and if I dim or adjust color at all, I immediately get flicker banding. The controller is a very small white plastic unit no bigger than 1.5"x1.5"x1.5"... If I could replace that unit with the one that would stop flicker (and maybe add blue tooth), I would be in business.

    We are using these in a circular ring light config, but I have to balance for a weird blue balanced version of white to avoid flicker as of now. Please help.


  3. Joe

    Any idea how to get these to run off a battery like a Mark III or Anton Bauer brick? It would be great to have super compact versions of these that you could scatter around a location.

  4. I was thinking along the same lines too, like how coudl I have two sets and control each of them separately, to make a warmer key and a cooler fill, and adjust each independently.

    Maybe those with the IR blaster might be a better bet. And then just make a snoot for the remote so I can isolate the set I'm talking to?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @sigmund - The bluetooth controller will only control one brain and all the lights hooked up to it at the same time. You can't adjust them individually.

    I once purchased a set of LED lights that all came with a remote. One remote was able to change all at the same time, I guess they just have a default frequency. I haven't looked into how to change those frequencies.

  6. can it control strips to produce different colors, say 4 different colors? or you change color all 4 will change and they will have the same color? (without buying another kit?)

  7. Mike

    I'm interested your setup for the giveaway video. Could you describe your lighting setup or do another BTS video?

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @nitsan - The flickering has to do with the refresh rate typically from a controller or while dimming artificial lights. Same goes for CFL lighting. We use various types of LEDs for background color, you just have to understand it's limits and it can be a great addition to any production.

  9. Hey Emm, thanks for posting this!
    I built a huge 300 LED panel from those trip lights but they had flickering issues at certain colors.

    Does this one also have any flickering problems?

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Rob - Yes it has a random feature, but only between two colors. In the app, there's an 'o' and '+' symbol. Drag the 'o' to one color, drag the '+' to another color, and if you choose any of the other actions besides 'solid' it will shift colors. You could vary the speed also.

    I don't see why you couldn't have one small set of lights on a slow transition, and maybe another set flickering with other colors to simulate per say a campfire.

  11. Rob

    Emm, this is really cool. If the software offered a "randomize" feature within a preset color area, say red, orange and yellow, these would be a great tool to simulate a campfire, fireplace or similar use. The price is certainly right!

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @kidepic - These LED lights don't take up much power. I run the same LED light strips underneath my electric skateboard (so i'm visible at night).

    For my skateboard i've been using these 12V batteries for over a year (still holds a charge) to power about 8ft of LED strip lights: httpss://

    I will have to test the run time especially with bluetooth always running. For very long run times, you can always get a 12V AC/DC adapter to plug into any wall.

    If you don't mind the cost, these are by far the best portable batteries i've ever used, and still running several of them on many various projects to date: httpss://

  13. joe

    I wanted the link for Android but I search searched and found it based on the name of the ios app you provided.

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @dslr video studio - I think there are dozens of these apps besides phillips. I built one two years ago using smaller cheaper LED bulbs but they weren't as bright as the new ones I have now. Here's the old article: httpss://

  15. I'm confused by all the options. Which is the Bluetooth one with the app? I don't see it mentioned on ebay.

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