DIY Skater – Spider Trax Dolly update

The final pieces are finally complete from manufacturing. It's just a matter of assembling the packages & small parts, and the dollies will be available to order. Sorry folks, because there is a limited amount manufactured on this first run, there's a few Requirements to know.

The first run of orders (limited amount) will be sold to only to US residents (mainland only, Sorry Hawaii). Payments will be accepted via Paypal only from verified Paypal accounts. Shipping will only be made to Paypal verified shipping addresses.

Keep all those things in mind and get ready to place an order hopefully this weekend. If you're not on the list, register the form over at and make sure you leave the correct email address. An email blast will go out to the registered emails with instructions on how and where to order. It's on a first come, first serve basis. Again, first run orders must qualify with the above Requirements.

7 thoughts on “DIY Skater – Spider Trax Dolly update

  1. Howdy Emm! Totally loving your site and all that you're teaching us - Thank You!!!

    So, I am interested in ordering one of your spider trax dollies. Is that still a reality as I see the link isn't working. And is the Konova one yours as well or just a clone? I noticed the axles don't seem as long and maybe the turns cannot be as tight as yours...

    Lemme know your recommends and Thank you again!

    Jon Hill

  2. Waylon

    nice product! congrats on completing this and providing cheap solutions for inspiring film makers. keep up the good work.

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