DIY GoPro Hero Flat Lens

While the world is waiting for GoPro to release it's Flat Lens Dive Housing, there have been other companies already selling some solutions. While those solutions aren't warrantied by GoPro and will cost you an extra dime, this clever little solution from Jomol will save you a few bucks as a workaround. For this you'll need the extended LCD back housing that gives you a bit of room to turn the GoPro Hero camera backwards inside the housing. Beats trying to make one yourself and risk water leakage. What I like about this idea is that you can probably cut a few colored gels to help you get some better white balance underwater. If you're not up to speed about the issues of Underwater video with the GoPro, check out this article here:


You'll get this special back piece when purchasing the GoPro Hero LCD BacPac Kit. Jomol claims images are sharp and has no obstruction in all field of views. Downside is you won't be able to use an LCD for framing a shot, but that's nothing new since the LCD was only a recent optional accessory. [Thanks Jomol]

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8 thoughts on “DIY GoPro Hero Flat Lens

  1. DavidN4

    Eye4Mine has had a great flat lens case for cheap for a long time. It worked on my HD Hero and works fine on my Hero2 as well. You can still use the buttons if you have the right case, unlike the LCD cae being used backwards.

  2. Jeff

    How difficult is it for GoPro to just put out a flat lens solution? I still maintain that their popular promo video for the Hero borders on false advertising with the crystal-clear underwater shots of the Great White sharks, etc.

  3. Chi Lee

    You'll need to be wary of point pressure on the lens, which has been a problem when using some of the Hero flat lens kits with Hero2 cameras. Wouldn't want to go very deep!

    In case you haven't heard, GoPro just announced at NAB that they'll release a free firmware update "in the summer" to add 35Mbps/24p and Cinestyle LUTs to the Hero2. They're calling it "Protune Mode".

  4. Shooting backwards?
    but its time consuming since you would have to towel dry the unit every time just to start and stop the camera, then re-insert it... and the chances of your lens getting scuffed and wobbling....

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