DIY Conduit Micro Crane / Jib

Another very clever DIY project from Vimeo member Lolo Two. Based on commom (and super cheap) EMT a.k.a Conduit tubing, this DIY micro jib breaks down into 3 small section. The conduit piping is held together with common Conduit couplers. I've seen quite a few DIY cranes and personally I think this is one of the most clever uses of off the shelf parts. Just about anyone 'Con-Du-It'. Of course Lolo Two is skilled in crafting the necessary brackets to keep the crane flying on a tripod. He says he'll update us on his build soon, but you can find his relative video page here. [Thanks Lolo Two]

DIY Micro Jib / Crane - Sectioned with Conduit Couplers

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  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Nasir - The 600 and 900 LED panels are just about the same size. Not much difference. I would go with 900s if you could afford it. I didn't do the larger 1200s because they don't have a battery option. With the 900s or 600s I am able to use my Tekkeon packs which is nice for location stuff where you don't want to run extension cords.


    Em, I greatly appreciate your knowledge . You have no idea how much one appreciates what you do. I was wondering how many should I get would 2 be good or 3 also is there a name brand that you recommend. And last should I get 2 600w and 1 900w or 1 of each. Thanks a million and I will be going with the LED'S just as soon as I get an idea from this last post. Thanks!!!

  3. Emm

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    @Nasir Rahim - I would go with LED lights. Professional looking, draws low power so you can use it just about anywhere (even on batteries), generates no heat, easy to travel with. The pros outweigh the cons in most basic video setups. Check out the 600 and 900 versions that I use. httpss://

  4. Barry Sanders

    @Kevin, there was a micro-jib similar concept from a UK company that essentially looks like it will snap. I don't think I'd like to put my several thousand dollar worth of camera equipment on it.

  5. Nasir Rahim

    Hello Em,I really need help. I am looking for a decent light kit that can be used during filming and although I have done tons of research I am still confused.Can you atleast point me in the right direction on lighting . Price I am looking for is one that is not to high but decent and will get the job done. I looked at HMI but they are extremely high. I also looked at the home depot construction light but I want to remain professional looking along with the quality work I am putting out . Any help in this matter would be very much appreciated.

  6. pepe

    I live in London and you can get
    the same thing for $9, please stop
    trying to overprice the
    jib for your own benefit !!

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