DIY CarrySpeed LCD VFinder Mount

Here's a clever way to get a semi-permanent CarrySpeed Vfinder view finder to mount to your camera. The LCD glass protector was an old trick to permanently glue a sticky frame or even the DSLR LCD view finder itself, but they aren't available in all camera models. If you don't have this protector available for your camera model, this DIY mounting solution could work for you. Here Aron from takes just the eyepiece portion and fastens it to the VFinder. I'm sure you guys can figure it out from the thorough video tutorial. [Thanks Aron].

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10 thoughts on “DIY CarrySpeed LCD VFinder Mount

  1. Hey thanks for the complament. The reason doing it this way is that they don't make a screen protector for the t3i. So in order for it to work you need to modified the t2i screen protector by cutting the frame off and doing it the way I did in the video. If they made a screen protector for the t3i, then I think your right about it being more sturdy to glue it. But for now this is the best I could come up with. But to tell you the truth these view finders aren't heavy and my mod so far seems quite sturdy, I use it all the time and so far no problems.

  2. it looks awful and won't be as sturdy as epoxy glueing the metal frame to the glass protector.
    if you don't want any ghosting, remove the glass from the glass protector and just keep the frame.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @aron anderson - I don't think they make a screen protector for the 60D but I think the eyepiece might be the same. If all you need is the eyepiece for this DIY, it should work.

  4. Thanks imgpro615, yes I also wish the eye cup was not so big. I have a few bluestars and I think next week I will cut my eye cup on my carry speed to fit it.

    I'm not sure they make one for the 60D due to the fact it has a flip out screen. and if you want to protect the screen while transporting just flip the screen around.

  5. imgpro615

    this is an excellent mod! and since the carryspeed loupe is not that expensive you can buy a couple of them or still less than the lcdvf and others so you can have one or the eyepiece and another for the diy evf! now if there was a bluestar eye cushion that would fit it without modding
    once again...excellent tutorial and mods!!

  6. SkunkWorks

    If my T2i LCD shade (they have been blogged about here somewhere) would ever show up from China this is exactly what it will become after a quick Dremel mod and is why I bought it (unfortunately just before a postal strike here in Canada). My Carry Speed sticky frame will be permanently bonded to it but I'll still be able to use the magnetic feature of the viewfinder itself to pop it on and off, I just wanted a better solution than having those sticky frames on my LCD glass... mine is starting to lose its stickiness. I like the idea of the eyepiece mount better and it is instantly removable if you want.

  7. Mickey Jones

    I have this LCD protector. It's very good quality and even looks like original equipment.

    It does cause a slight ghost image especially with text when using my Hoodman viewfinder.

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