CoolRaiser 15mm Adjustable Clamp = FREE

CoolRaiser 15mm Clamp

Here's a cool little item shared by that mounts a set of 15mm rails and allows you to adjust the rails up/down/left/right. The purpose it help line up accessories that might otherwise be offset as a MatteBox in the example below. [Thanks Joel]

CoolRaiser Clamp

Best part about this post thanks to is the item is being offered for $0 dollars, a limited amount is FREE. Check it out over at the CoolRaiser product page (Click Here).

Cool Raiser 15mm Clamp
find-price-button CoolRaiser 15mm Adjustable Dual Rail Clamp

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13 thoughts on “CoolRaiser 15mm Adjustable Clamp = FREE

  1. Dean

    Emm - How is the quality of their other parts? They have some stuff I definitely can use & would match up my P&C rig!

  2. imgpro615

    ...i think buying in bulk is the only way to make that shipping less of an issue...and i do not need bulk so i scour eBay for a good piece from China...with FREE free shipping...

  3. Joseph

    I bought one of these a couple months ago and returned it. Seems like a great idea, but there was a bunch of play in it. It's not very sturdy. Don't waste your time with this.

  4. Lucent

    anyone has experience with their other products? Some decently priced items and I'm looking for some other additions for my shoulder rig.

  5. Tyrone Gooden

    Yeah word it up don't buy from these guy - come with a better scam guys than pumping up the shipping cost

  6. price has gone up to $0.10. I love to look at coollcd but their shipping is literally ridiculous. Its like $50 to ship a 7inch lilliput monitor.

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