Comparing Distance Light Reading 55w CAME-TV Boltzen LED Fresnel and Aputure COB120T

So I made a comparison video (below), but before you begin watching I want to clarify a few things. This test is nowhere near scientific when it comes to measuring CRI or Color accuracy, but it should be somewhat helpful when it comes to measuring the amount of light at a distance. Another thing I want to clear up is that this is not by any means a fair comparison as the CAME-TV 55w Boltzen LED Fresnel Light (found here) is measured with a Fresnel Lens while the Aputure COB120T (found here) was working bare.

By performing this test in this manner, hopefully it shows that a smaller light with less power can still be capable of outputting a decent amount of light at a distance over a more powerful light. Especially within the last few years, with cameras (i.e. Sony A7s, A7sII) that have better low light sensitivity, we can shoot with less powerful lighting kits. Ok, let's get to the video.

I would not say one light should be considered as a replacement over the other. There are major differences in size, weight, power, function, and price - two different types of lights. I would say having both the Aputure COB120T and CAME-TV Boltzen 55w Fresnels as part of your lighting kits can be beneficial!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be gathering more footage of these lights in actual use and putting up a more official review. But because I know brightness tests like these are what most people need to decide if the new 55w Boltzen LED Fresnels is something to consider, I wanted to at least get this basic test out there.

You can find the Aputure COB120T and new CAME-TV Boltzen LED Fresnels following the product links below.

Aputure COB120T LED Video Light

Learn-More-sm Aputure COB120T LED Video Light
CAME-TV Boltzen 55w LED Fresnel

Learn-More-sm CAME-TV Boltzen 55w LED Fresnel

14 thoughts on “Comparing Distance Light Reading 55w CAME-TV Boltzen LED Fresnel and Aputure COB120T

  1. Post author

    @Kevin Martis - Shooting through a softbox, I would say the Aputure COB120. If you are looking for distance, the CAME-TV Boltzen would go further - unless you get the Fresnel adapter for the Aputure COB120T.

  2. Kevin Martis

    Hi Emm,
    Once again nice comparison. Which light would be better (more power) for a spotlight in a first dance wedding scenario? Assuming they both used Fresnals?

    Also, if both were shot Through a 24 inch octagon at full power which one would produce more light/power?

  3. Post author

    @Hans - CAME-TV claims to have a Wifi option available for their Boltzen lights (soon to be available). The NG can be controlled remotely too with an optional add-on I believe. That puts them very similar to controlling remotely. CRI is relative so not a big difference between the two. The Boltzen is much easier to travel with. The Boltzen 30w is about the size of a camera lens, the NG 30F is bigger than a Coffee Can.

  4. Hans

    Which one has the better light? Control, CRI, lux etc? Would you recommend the Boltzen 30 over the Nanguan 30?

  5. Post author

    @Hans - I'll see about running a test, but I could tell you that the NG30F is bigger and heavier than a CAME-TV Boltzen 30w.

  6. Hans

    Please compare the Boltzen 30 and the Nanguang 30F.
    Light Output, weight, size, compatibility etc. Thanks.

  7. Michael

    Interesting review - the one thing I think you didn't discuss is the quality of the light. The aputure appeared to be returning cri's around 80 and imagine the R9 or tlci results would be quite disappointing). Do you have any comments on the light quality produced by the Boltzen? Are you able to display the spectrum reading for these lights? And what are your thoughts on the "fresnel" lens? It doesn't appear to resemble a traditional fresnel...?

  8. Post author

    @Kyle - For WiFi, there is a USB port on the back that will require a 'Wifi Dongle'. Then you can control the light through a remote. But they also mentioned you may be able to control this through an iPhone. I haven't seen this feature yet, they say the Wifi dongle will ship separately.

  9. Kyle

    What's the wifi app / remote listed mean? Are you able to control this through a phone app or something?

  10. Post author

    @krys - I know the NG 60F, it's a nice light but Much bigger than the 55w Boltzen if traveling compact and lightweight is important. They are good lights.

    The Nanguang 30F (30w) for example is about the size of the Aputure COB120T, so their 60F (60w) is slightly bigger.

    I can certainly compare the 30F to the 30w Boltzen as I have both of these lights. It would be interesting to test the Boltzen 55w vs the NG 60F at some point. Size and Price are quite different between those two.

  11. John

    Great review Em, the Aputure COB 120T is rated about 1500W equivalent with a fresnel lens by the manufacturer right? Can you do an independent test to see if their claim is somewhat true?

  12. Post author

    @Lainol - Without the lens it will spread, but with the Aputure COB120T on, you probably wouldn't notice it. Remember it's a less powerful light. But without the Aputure turned on, and using the Boltzen closer (not 10 feet away) it should still be a very useful light. I'm working on using it in more scenarios this week and will post more.

    We tend to use Lowel Pro-Lights quite a bit, but they are Hot lights and can't be run on batteries. We've been looking for a decent hard light LED replacement that can give us at least similar power, throw, runs cool, and on batteries. These really fit those needs.

  13. Lainol

    Great "non scientific" review!

    I only miss one thing, the boltzen without the lens illuminating the room compared to the aputure.

    Do you think 2 of these babies can illuminate a green chroma key background? Seems to be perfect for chroma on the go.

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