Compact Portable Reverse Folding Light Stands For Travel

These light stands fold in such a way that make them super compact down to about 19", but can still be extended to a max height of 7' feet. If you're not a fan of checking in your equipment at the airlines, these stands can actually fit into a Pelican 1510 Roller Airline Carry On sized Roller making it perfect for traveling.

These stands can also operate at a much lower height than traditional light stands when you need to mount some type of kicker or bounce. Manfrotto has a 5001B version that sells for close to $50 dollars/each (found here on Amazon).

find-price-button Manfrotto 5001B 74-Inch Nano Stand

A slightly cheaper alternative folding light stand can also be found on eBay. I purchased a set of these a while back for $39 US/each (found here on eBay).

find-price-button Reverse Compact Folding Light 7' Light Stand

Last week I received one from F&V which has better build quality than my previous eBay stands, and there is a 10% discount deal if you add (3) F&V stands to your cart. If you're on the move and want to travel as compact as possible, I highly suggest looking into these type of stands.

reverse folding stand lightreverse folding stand
find-price-button F&V 10% Discount add 3 to Cart

20 thoughts on “Compact Portable Reverse Folding Light Stands For Travel

  1. Swiss

    Bought one and now i'm trying to buy another one from ebay but this it what is says "Unfortunately, access to this particular item has been blocked due to legal restrictions in some countries"

  2. @Emm - They're my go-to gear for interviews, which require no more than a yard of so of height for seated subjects (and the third light, a rear highlight, works best from the ground anyway). Portability is a particular premium for interviews as they're almost always at uncontrolled environments you need to travel to (while personally lugging around the gear!).

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - Great looking stands, and another nice option for portable lighting, but I notice they only get to 4ft max height. I can see these could be great for extra support on sliders.

  4. If you're going for ultra-portable anyway, these aren't quite good choices, as the closed lengths can't fit in a backpack, for example -- if you want to go all the way (but maintain surprising stability for the size), there are only two choices in the whole market:

    Manfrotto 156BLB:
    Calumet MF6025:

    I use them with 312-LED and 219-LED light panels, which are extremely lightweight to begin with. Works great.

  5. Dean

    Did you look at the photos on Amazon for those CowBoyStudios?

    They don't get low as or fold down as compact as the manfrotts & they don't go as high.

  6. marklondon

    Like you I use them for LED ring lights or similar. I'm not sure I'd buy knockoffs of them though. Love my Nanos.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Thomas Reynolds - Good point I forgot to mention. The eBay version is a 1/4-20 thread on a light stand adapter. The F&V is also a native 3/8" thread on the light stand adapter + a 1/4-20 adapter that comes with each stand.

  8. I have a couple of the Manfrotto ones that have been in my kit for a few years as well. I have had 650w peppers on them in a pinch. Great addition if you are working on location and have nothing bigger than my old honda accord to fit all of your gear in. Ideal for flashes, and LED lights which is what I mainly use them for now.

    Defiantly a smart buy.
    I have used them with my slider. The manfrotto versions have a 3/8th screw on the top of them so they screw directly into my slider base. One side on my sticks and the other on this stand. Works well at about 3ft up.

  9. I have owned these for many years in my kits, while they are handy in limited use they are not stable, They might be stable enough for use with off camera flash, you would need to weight them down with any light modifier if you were outdoors, I suggest using your camera bags or backpacks on them to hold them down if you dont have sandbags.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @krys - You could bring one tripod and one light stand for additional stability. I would add a small ball head to the light stand.

  11. perfect timing ! i plan on going to japan soon
    but im still trying to figure out how to bring heavt duty tripod with k2 konova slider without the expensive fees!?!?

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