Cheap 500 LED, 1000 LED, and Z96 Lights in Use

Sure there's a ton of posts on this blog all about cheap gear, but it's been hard for me to show them in use. (Sorry guys, if you only knew what I do outside of this blog.) But i'm trying harder to do better, and you probably noticed that i've been working more closely with some friends to show more of how these things work out and samples of what can be achieved. Here's another piece put together by the guys to showcase how adding small lights can set the mood or tone in a scene. This small little sample piece is called 'The Boss'.

A single 500 LED Video Light Panel was set for the rim light behind 'The Boss', a Z96 was taped into a cheap reflector to throw the cliche downward spotlight, and a few Z96's were adding rim lights to the victim. Why not use all the latest LED panels that I just purchased? Well that's a different set of lights for about twice the budget. These will work just fine for someone looking to get into basic LED Video Lights. There will be another video piece shot with the new 900 LED panels that I have pretty soon, hang tight. For now, I thought it would be a good way to show that these lights are still great products including the little Z96 LED lights. The 1000 LED Video Light was used outdoors to add light through small windows on the garage, and then mainly for the scene in the end to purposely cast shadows.

find-price-button 500 LED video light panel

find-price-button Z96 Dimmable LED Video Lights

find-price-button 1000 LED dimmable Video Light Panel

19 thoughts on “Cheap 500 LED, 1000 LED, and Z96 Lights in Use

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @oyvind - The Z96 is a pretty strong light. Not as big or soft of a light source, but pretty bright. Just make sure you have enough battery power.

  2. oyvind

    Is the Z96 LED light good enough for used alone? I'm thinking about getting a LED light for amateur use and I don't want to spend too much money on it. Also I'm not really interested in having tons of light panels. So I'm pretty much looking for a good light panel thats works good alone.

    If not do you got any suggestions?

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  5. Great help guys. We are looking into this options and by next week we will let you know our final decition on the toys. Thanks a lot for the great help. And also thanks for the review of the 600 lights. We are going to get 3 of those for now. The 600 look great to us at least for now.


  6. Great help guys. We are looking into this options and by next week we will let you know our final decition on the toys.

    Thanks a lot for the great help. And also thanks for the review of the 600 lights. We are going to get 3 of those for now. The 600 look great to us at least for now.


  7. Emm

    Post author

    @frank suero - Hmm...that's quite a bit of stuff you're looking to collect.

    1.)Slider - Konova is pretty good and comes in about 3 ft.
    2. & 3.) Crane? Keep in mind you'll still need a platform of some sort. If you're looking for a dolly track system also, check out Kessler cranes that can be mounted on their dolly track system.
    4.) More rigs? Check out - Local, USA, Fast Ship, Great gear for cheap.
    5.) Wireless? - Go with Sennheiser G3 setups, can't go wrong.
    6.) Lighting? - Might want to look into a set of Linco Flora's.

    All stuff can be found in this blog.

  8. Ok guys. We are looking for some help here in taking a decition for us. We just closed a deal with several real estate companies here in Mérida México to do the videos for this companies. They are about 120 realtors workign for them and we will be doing all of the (medium to large size) properties. So we are in the market for a new nice toys that will help us to do a good job. If you can get us any solid recommendations on this list of products we will appreciated. We are going to USA in June to purchase the equipment.

    What we are looking for?

    1_A good Slider, not less them 3 feet long
    2_A decent Crane for our 60D
    3_Dolly and track system
    [email protected] more rigs (we already ordered from Gini, 2 cages and one apple to combined it)
    5_Wireless audio system (realtors will be presenting the properties them self)

    Best light option, As arri in ebay looks good but they get too hot, LEDS or the Kino imitations from Konova or there is a company with lights called ALZO

    Please if any one here can help us make a decition based on Price, quality and usage we will appreciate it. Our budget is less them 10K (about 6K) so please help here/

    Thanks a lot

  9. Emm

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    @frank suero - The 500's are pretty good, but there are also new 600's, 900's, and 1200's that are better. I'll be doing some tests on the 900's tomorrow.

  10. Hello Guys. We need some help here. We are a few designers that are getting into the Video wave because we have done some work for our web portal and now our customers are asking us to do their videos, well we just got into the gini rig, 2 60D, Matte box, lenses and all of the necessary things to do something cinematic.

    Our main concern now is light, we need a decent kit (we can put it toguether) and we want to be LED. We do have 2 Z96 a;lready as our rigs on camera lights, but we are starting to do some TV spots, so, will the 500 LED will be enough (for now) or we have to go ahead and get the 1000 model? Please give us some advice and we will be really thank full for your help.

    Gos Bless you

  11. Cam Crawford

    Great thanks for the tip guys will try AA's i was using the rechargable canon ones.

  12. liu

    @Cam, i have four yongnuo's and i got rid of the problem by using different batteries as Emm suggests.Also check your shutter settings

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Cam Crawford - Normally it happens when the battery voltage is low. Have you tried a different set of batteries?

  14. Cam Crawford

    I have the 126 Yongnuo and i get terrible strobing or flicker from it. Cant get rid of it with any shutter speed. Shooting on 7D 1920 @ 50.

    Any one else come across this?

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