Xanon XA10


find-price-button Lexar Pro 128GB SDXC Media

That sexy new Lexar 128GB SDXC Card is now shipping (first metioned here: https://cheesycam.com/lexar-sdxc-media-cards/). The fact that this comes with the name Lexar at the introductory price is already exciting. Interesting that on Lexar's own website, the Buy It Now price is $80 dollars more than at B&H. Sounds expensive upfront, but those who remember having to pay over $1,000 dollars for a very small amount of sxs Memory feel the deal.

Sure it's not something DSLR shooters will go nuts over, but there's plenty of higher end cameras that can take advantage of these new Extra Capacity cards. Of course the newly announced Sony NEX-FS100E could benefit, but even other cameras like Canon's XA10 Pro-Sumer video camera would be a nice home, since it has a feature to use Double SDXC card slots and record simultaneously (for redundancy). Maybe an sxs adapter will be available to fit the new Sony PMW-F3 and take some of the cost of ownership down a bit. I'm just more curious to see if a Canon T2i can see that much 128GB memory..

[Update] For those who questioned the demand on such high priced media, it just sold out in a few hours. About two weeks out, but you can still order.