Canon T2i a.k.a. 550D Rebel

Props for Vimeo member Daniel Bochenski for rigging up his own version of the ' BodyPod DSLR stabilizer ' I posted up here::::
His video (Above) shows some fine examples of how a monopod, when used correctly, can support your camera weight and give you some super steady footage.

Well the T2i came in for me last week, and I really haven't had the chance to play around with it. Right off the bat, you'll get yourself stuck if you don't have Class 6 (speed) SDHC card required to shoot videos with it. Having the 5DM2 and 7D already those both only use Compact Flash. So get yourself stocked up on some Class 6 rated SDHC cards. Hopefully i'll get some video samples online for others to see soon.

Another problem I had with the camera was the weight. It's super light which could be an advantage in certain situations, but sometimes you need that extra bulk for better handling. I suggest that you pick definitely pick up the Battery Grip by Canon. Not only will it add more grip, it will add more available power, and increase the 'looks per hour' rating on your DSLR.

2 thoughts on “Canon T2i a.k.a. 550D Rebel

  1. sean

    good question above.. I have a class 4 card that seems to be working fine. The shots I have uploaded seem to be clean and crisp.

  2. Brad

    I was wondering what the major working difference is between class 4 and 6 cards? I have a T2i with a Toshiba 16gb class 4 card from Sam's Club ($35) which seems to be working fine. I haven't "worked it" all that hard, but I'm wondering if I will see a big lag when working with RAW files or movies? Thanks

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