Canon 60D vs. 7D HDMI Output Resolution Test

I've updated the video from the earlier post to include a Canon 7D HDMI output test (at the end of the video). Instead of just updating the old article on the Canon 60D HDMI output, I thought this Canon 7D test would be interesting enough to just re-post the results all over again. Here i'm using my Vizio LCD TV as the external display. The Canon 60D has the same results as a 5DMark II and Canon 550D/T2i. The 7D does not drop to the 480 resolution. Although the monitor is 'detecting' the 1080i output, I have heard that it's highly compressed with artifacts to be something worth capturing from. I have no interest in capturing from the HDMI port, so I haven't spent time confirming that quality. I will say though that it is a nice feature built into the Canon 7D if you're planning on using External monitors.

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24 thoughts on “Canon 60D vs. 7D HDMI Output Resolution Test

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Sean - The camera records to the card in a different format than what it outputs through HDMI. It's not the same.

  2. Sean

    I am not fully understanding this. Are you saying that it is different because it records 1080i all the time even when it's in 480 or that the other cameras never output 1080i no matter what resolution they are recording in. So in other words if the 60d was recording in 1080i would it output to the HDMI in 1080i or not? Thanks...Sean

  3. Isao Tomonari

    Can you tell me how you are connecting a 1080i hdmi signal to the vizio 7inch? does it have hdmi input?

  4. doublejnyc

    Hey there, I noticed that Vizio 7 inch monitor. Could you do a quick post about that monitor? How are the menus? Is it good for pulling focus? Etc. The price is right $160.

  5. Hi, nice demo.
    I'm considering the 60d for recording the HDMI signal straight into a device like the AJA Ki Pro mini. ( Do you know if the HDMI output whilst **not** recording on the camera, is a full HD image from the sensor, or does it crop or pad with black bars at the edges? If it's full frame, then that would be a fabulous way to record longer clips at HD AppleProRes format (not H264) direct from the camera, but only if it's not padding with black.

  6. Sel


    Same here, would like to read up on Vizio Monitor you are using or other you might suggest.


  7. Rabyoung

    I have been looking all over Walmart, Amazon, but I can't find the same Vizio LCD TV you have. Can you please let me know, where I can get it.

    Thank you!

  8. Scott

    i stand corrected. thanks. i guess that Small monitor that auto-corrects for this problem isn't available yet?

  9. Scott

    Thanks for this... Nothing about this particular difference in any of the other articles I've read. So apparently the 7D has a slight advantage in low light sensitivity and has true 1080i out via HDMI? And none of these cameras can show video on their built-in LCDs while the HDMI is being used?

    FYI, it's not the aspect ratio that changes, it's the resolution. It's still 16:9.

  10. I have a Sony A33 and I tested it on my TV, it also outputs a 1080i signal all the time.

    Are you using that TV as a portable monitor, like with a battery pack attached? Or can you only use it plugged in to an outlet. I have been trying to find an HD monitor but it seems that most of the ones on eBay that claim to be 1080p are really just 480p but accept a 1080 signal.

  11. AC

    I am guessing that when you use an external monitor the LCD is disabled. Is there a way to enable both at the same time?

  12. BJ

    Thats pretty frick'n AWESOME! It just makes me love my 7D a lot more 😀
    That just means that when I do use my (new up coming) 7" output monitor I'll be recording and viewing in both 1080p, which will be good imo, cause I'll be able to see all the details I need to see while recording, instead of viewing it in SD 😛

    (Unless I'm incorrect, so please feel free to correct me :D)

  13. The only thing the 7d has that the others don't is a dual digic 4 processor. If that's the reason it can output at a higher resolution I wouldn't hold your breath for a firmware update.

  14. What I want to know is... why only the 7D? Why not even the 5D?!

    Can a firmware update fix this on my T2i? I doubt it, but it would be nice to know.......

  15. Had to see for myself, I had never realized it. I'm assuming your monitor was a 720p monitor, so I tested it on my 1080p television, and it was also showing as a 1080i input source, so it's a 1920x1080 interlaced picture. I don't remember exactly what that means, but I think it has something to do with duplicating the vertical resolution and alternating between frames, or something crazy like that. It's not 1080p, but it's certainly better than SD.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    Yes I had to make the stand. The LCD TV has a threaded insert which I was able to find a bolt for it at a hardware store. Once I had the bolt in place, I just used a simple Light Stand with Magic Arm adapter.

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