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Anyone catch the new CarrySpeed non-permanent NeoPrene swivel LCD mount to hold a View Finder? If you're not digging the Sticky Frame solutions, or the Quick Release Frame solution, then another option is this Swi-View. It slides in place over the LCD and held snug with a bit of velcro. Shown on a Canon 60D, but pretty much the same LCD as on the Canon T3i, so it should be compatible. Found via Amazon (click here) or via eBay (click here)

swi-view-lcdswi-view viewfinderScreen shot 2011-09-25 at 10.13.07 AM
find-price-button CarrySpeed Swi-View LCD ViewFinder Neoprene Adapter

14 thoughts on “Canon 60D T3i Swivel LCD ViewFinder – Swi-View

  1. El Sean

    Ah. Well that would explain it. *Brainfart*
    Whats a good cheap LCD VF that has good focus detail? EVF is outta the question due to $$$

  2. El Sean

    Would like to know how accurate the focus is when using this. Bought a Capa LCD VF for $60 and all my shots were out of focus. So for $10 is this gonna be any better?

  3. Just ordered one for my carryspeed loupe I just received for my T3i. I think this will be useful when mounted on a tripod. The flexibility of using the swivel screen and a loupe I feel is going to be useful. I definitely would not use it handheld and as a point of contact. I'll stick with the quick release frame for that. My concern now is the fogging I've experienced. Anyone here added the bluestar pad for Z-Finders on a carryspeed?

  4. Jayhas

    al dolega - you said it better than I would have.

    My sticky frame viewfinder (Perfect Hoodeye 3.0x)has been on it since day one too. The 60D's hinge/swivel still feels as new.

    Just finished a shoot a few hours ago using a HVX201 and all along that session I sorely miss my viewfinder/flip LCD combo:-)

  5. al dolega

    So you have to un-velcro the thing every time you want to remove your VF? Or do you slide it on & off the side/end of the LCD? Does the end of the VF just sit against the screen? If not (say it sits against fabric), wouldn't the focal distance for the element in the VF be a different distance from the screen? If so, what keeps the VF from scratching your screen? Seems to me like a cumbersome solution to a "problem" that's blown way out of proportion.

    I've had the metal sticky frame for my viewfinder mounted on my 60D's LCD since day one, and most of my shooting is off a tripod or shoulder rig, during which my eye is pretty much glued to that viewfinder. Guess what- my hinge/swivel is just as tight and snappy as when the camera was new.

    Losing the ability to flip my LCD inwards when I put it away is not a concern, my camera bag has done a good job in the past of protecting the back of my cameras.

  6. HD-tography

    I guess if you used an LCDVF 3:2 or the Carryspeed version, it might be able to take it for occasional use, but not repeatedly, you can expect problems with the screen axis over time.

    I don't think the screen could support the weight of my Letus Hawk Aluminum 3:2 viewfinder, that thing is a tank!

  7. I actually made one of these for my 60d. Glued a ripped up neoprene bag to a cheap loupe :D. Didnt like putting pressure on the screen. Ordered one of these 😀 httpss://

  8. StefanosL.

    Really cool solution, but i don't think that ANY swivel lcd screen can take the pressure from someone looking through a loop while that lcd screen is open. They just don't make them to take these kinds of forces.

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