Canon 5D Mark III (Body) Just $2699

Just FYI, the Canon 5D Mark III (Body) is down to just $2699 right now (found here). This is shipped and sold via Amazon, not a random third party company. Shop and compare, this is a pretty great deal considering the other major retailers are still listing the camera at over $3399 dollars (see it here). That's about a $700 dollar difference.

Not sure how long this price will be available (or is this a pricing mistake?). It very well could be pricing error since when you select the 24-105mm F/4 kit option, the price jumps up almost $1K ($3779 seen here) which is unusual bundle pricing for that kit. Typically a lens add-on only jumps it another $600 bucks so something doesn't appear correct. Check it out following the link (here).

Canon 5D Mark III Body
find-price-button Canon 5D Mark III (Body) $2699

[UPDATE]: Looks like I was right. There was a pricing error and it's back to normal $3399 price. Anyone get in on this deal and saved $700 bucks???

[UPDATE #2]: Price jumped back down to $2699 for a few minutes and then back up to $2999. Not quite the same deal, but still priced $400 cheaper than current retailers at this moment.

19 thoughts on “Canon 5D Mark III (Body) Just $2699

  1. casey

    Got one!!! - I was in the market checking this weekend - and I thought the price was a mistake on Amazon (on Monday) - so I put it in the shopping cart - I pressed [buy] expecting it would error out - but it completed successfully.

    I was checking online tonight to see what happened.

  2. Jamison

    I picked up another 5dmarkiii about 2 weeks ago from amazon. Paid $2990 for it. It was listed as refurbished, but noted as being brand new in the kit lens box (without the kit lens). Came in as described. I tried grabbing another one at the $2699 price, but when you add it to cart it goes back up to over $3399. Too bad...

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Drew A M - FS100 is a great video camera, but not great when you need a camera than can take still images also. The 5D Mark III is smaller, full frame, and people are doing amazing things with RAW video from it also. There are still advantages to the 5DM3 over the Sony FS100 in my opinion.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Eugene - Everyone is sharing the same link on eBay. Keep in mind that the product is new, but there is a NOTE you should be aware of.

    "NOTE: The Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body may come in a kit box. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body for sale is 100% Brand New, Never Used. Lens has been removed from Kit box and sold on a separate auction."

    The deal earlier that I shared was brand new in box USA warranty original packaging.

  5. it is $2699 as of right now. 9PM Pacific time. I just bought one. Thanks for the head up

    Order subtotal: $2,699.00
    1 item in your Cart

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @guy01 - I'm willing to grab one and hang on to it for the next few days. If the price changes, maybe I can make a few bucks selling it. If it doesn't change, heck I can always return it. Amazon is great at this.

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