Canon 1DX Mark II 4K 60p HD 120fps

I think we can all admit Canon has been slacking in the DSLR Video market, but the new specs on the Canon 1DX Mark II might just help them get back in the game.

Besides upgrading the amazing stills photography features, the new Canon 1DX Mark II will offer Full Frame 4K Video up to 60fps (800 Mbps) and 1080HD at 120fps (360 Mbps). Of course the baked in Canon color science is one that many favor over Sony's cameras too. Here's an introductory video put together by B&H and Adorama.

For the high data rate video, the 1DX Mark II uses CFAST Media, but you can also record externally via the HDMI out. While there are certainly many other video camera options for the price of the 1Dx Mark II, none that I know of has paired this level of professional Photography and Video features together in a small body. So this camera should appeal heavily to hybrid shooters.

canon 1d mark II 4k 60p video
Learn-More-sm Canon 1Dx Mark II DSLR 4k Video 60p - via B&H

canon 1d mark II 4k 60p video
Learn-More-sm Canon 1Dx Mark II DSLR 4k Video 60p - via Adorama


7 thoughts on “Canon 1DX Mark II 4K 60p HD 120fps

  1. The price is ridiculous simply because for less you can cop both a Super-35 camera and a DSLR for the same price. Or just one small, robust Digi-cinema camera for the same price that would most likely boast better latitude and overall better options (even for stills) with the exception for RAW.

    Canon's tech is obsolete and for some reason they think they can still give Apple-prices with a similar schtick (average quality, designer prices). At this point only their color science is saving them.

    Doesn't seem worth it. Not $6,000 worth it.

  2. Vic

    ditto on being curious how a 5div will be. been holding off buying a iii for awhile now... really looking to make my first major leap from my 60d!

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