Camera Motion Research iFootage Shark Video Slider + Motion Control Head

NAB 2014 Rich from Camera Motion Research offers a tour on the iFootage Shark Video Slider. The intertia generated from the weighted flywheel spins as you move the slider and requires for a gradual smooth start / stop.

The iFootage Shark Slider has all of the professional feature sets including adjustable legs / feet, smooth carbon rails, extendable rails, adjustable bearings, and is unique with the counterweight flywheel.

As of this writing Camera Motion Research is the only US retailer carrying the iFootage Shark Video Slider kit sold with an extension rails (for longer runs), and optional flywheel for added inertia. The iFootage Shark Video Slider product is already available and can be found at (click here)

find-price-button Camera Motion Reasearch - iFootage Shark Video Slider Kit

If the iFootage Shark Video Slider was not impressive enough on it's own, the iFootage team had their own NAB booth showing off a new prototype programmable 2-Axis Motion Control Pan / Tilt Head addition for the Shark Video Slider. Each axis is capable of rotating a full 360 degrees. Combined with the slider the complete kit will offer full 3 Axis programmable motion control.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but the microphone wasn't far from the head unit. The unit is fairly silent even as it tracked across for real time video use. Aside from offering very advanced time-lapse photography features that can be programmed into a wireless remote, the head can be programmed for auto panning to keep a subject in frame. Stay tuned about this product.

iFootage Motion Control Head Timelapse Video Slider Shark DSLR

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17 thoughts on “Camera Motion Research iFootage Shark Video Slider + Motion Control Head

  1. About this slider: I am more than very happy! Excellent craftsmanship, reasonable priced. With the second fly wheel I am able to make slow movements for macro shots. At the NAB show this company presented the motorized version of their SHARK SLIDER. Unfortunately they never responded on questions about this version. For now I am looking forward what they will bring to the IBC in September Amsterdam.

  2. obi

    Has anyone heard any news on this moco?
    I'm in the market and this looks very promising. Been looking at Dynamic Perception (which I believe this ifootage slider here is a very close copy of - yes they are very smooth), Emotimo, Kessler, Dito, Camblock - awesome but expensive etc. Any others out there worth looking into? This ifootage wireless battery system also means endless rotation and no wire stress issues. I do like the look of Dynamic Perception lastest Stage R also which is app based.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @CSaw - Different lengths. Some come with the extensions, some don't. Some come with extra weight, some don't - different prices.

  4. Csaw

    I was looking for shark slider on eBay and there were tow very different prices --one about $700 and another about $470. They appear to be the same product. WhAt gives?

  5. doubledark

    it's the price mentioned at around the 2:56 mark on the 2nd video on this page(CheesyCam at NAB 2014).

  6. Scott Tim

    DoubleDark could you tell us where you found the pricing for the 3 axis motion control on the shark slider. I haven't been able to find it anywhere. I even called Camera Motion to see what they knew and they said ifootage hadn't released that info yet. Thanks

  7. doubledark

    Hi all

    I'm still leaning towards Kessler Pocket Dolly v2.0 because
    a) Kessler & iFootage are about the same cost
    b) the 3 axis motion from Kessler is $1599 & iFootage $2000-$2400
    c) they both have the same basic functionality.

    iFootage has a totally wireless solution which may be great for certain situations but comes at a cost.

    Not being able to see these products I'm relying on feedback from forums to help decide.

    So, am I missing something ?

    Would be grateful for any feedback.


  8. Tim Naylor

    Without a doubt a game changer. Just picked one up the other day. I work as a DP and this slider is smoother than most the 4000.00 dollar plus sliders I use. Granted its payload is much less but for doc work or using small cameras it can't be beat.

    There was a time that China just did bad knock offs of European or American products. Now the tables have turned. There's nothing like this slider from Western countries. The craftsmanship is so good, you'd think the Swiss built it until you look at the price.

  9. Steve, you are correct, the under-rail support cheeseplate cannot be moved. But that’s really not a problem. As Darren points out, you wouldn’t ever want to use just a single mount, even if centered, on a slider with 40 inches of travel.

    When using the extension rails, we like to put one tripod support under the cheeseplate, and the other support (tripod or lightstand) under the flywheel end block. This minimizes the unsupported span lengths.

    The rated load in the 20 inch travel configuration with one center support is 15 lbs, and it is 11 lbs with the extension rails and supports on each end block. We think these are conservative numbers, and our preferred support points would increase the 40 inch travel load rating a little.

  10. I have had this Shark Slider for about three months now. As far as the quality and value you get for the price, there is nothing that compares and I spent months looking at other sliders. I have been researching all the new Motion control systems, hoping to make one work with the shark slider. So this saves me from a having to do a DIY project to adapt emotimo, dynamic perception, or Cinetics to this slider. Plus if this moco system has the same value as their slider it should be a no-brainer when comparing to the other systems.

    ugh, now I have to wait for this system to come out before I pull the trigger on a moco like this.

  11. I am getting this 3axis system, when its come out

    It's far better,cheaper,smoother and easier motion control system than Kessler and it's edelkrone.

    The industry charge too over priced for its own system.

    I think this might be the game changer for a while...

  12. Darren

    I saw this online about a month ago, and picked one up from a local Canadian company.

    It's a fantastic slider - so smooth, and the real reason I got it was b/c of the extension rails. All of the hype is, in my opinion, totally legit.

    To answer your question Steve - you can't move the mounting plate at the bottom of the rails (at least not that I can see.) So you would not be able to mount it on a tripod with the extension rails added on. Even if you could, it's such a long slide that it would topple over. There are a number of machined holes on the end so you can use a light-stand, or something similar, if you want the full slide off the ground.

    And a few last comments - the engineering is really clever, at least compared to some other sliders I have tried. For example, the rubber belt attaches to a clamp on the underside of the slider, and the clamp is machined with grooves to fit the belt. So it won't slip. I'm not sure if others do this, but to me it seemed pretty clever.

  13. Bill

    This slider was RIDICULOUSLY smooth due to the flywheel and really nice carriage. I was amazed at how nicely machined everything is. I'll be looking forward to finding more about the mo co.

  14. Steve

    The problem I notice with this slider is the fact that the cheese plate at the bottom of the rails for mounting to a tripod does not look like it can move over to keep it center after adding on the additional rods. Does anyone know if you will be able to move this plate to the center? It also does not look like it will be able to handle a heavier rig since it is only carbon fiber rods stretched over a few feet. What is the weight capacity of this slider?

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