Back Online….

It's been a really really crazy weekend for me, so I didn't have time to sit and update the website with much. I had video shoots all three days from morning till late late night. Oddly most of these events required some Steadicam work and with my HD4000 rig built out, I was beat... On the plus side I got to shoot a few new things i've never done before, so it was a great learning experience and i'm trying to jot down everything I need to brush up on. I even got to play camera man for a Craigslist Foundation in Berkeley, and interviewed Craig N. himself. With my Steadicam gear on the first thing he said to me was:

'You're not a Cyborg from Skynet sent here to kill me are you?'

Quite a character that Craig is. So because I was flooded with tons of comments and questions, things got lost pretty quick. I apologize if I didn't respond to anyone, and in case things get lost, please send in those comments or questions again. I'm back online and should be able to answer them.


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  1. Emm

    Post author

    Worried? Most people are happy because they might be saving some extra money without updates on this site. LOL.

  2. Emm

    Post author

    With my crazy schedule, I mostly play camera operator. I don't have the time to really manage the entire project and go back and forth with clients, but I can at least still have fun and play a part as camera operator. Most of the footage I shoot is immediately turned in to the Producer and editors. Since it's also footage that belongs to the client for some type of commercial use, I can't really publish it. When or if it becomes available online to the public, i'll sometimes talk about it. Playing the role of camera operator / hired gun, is a nice fit for my lifestyle. Non-exclusive, just hired to bring the different gear I have - 'shoot and deliver'. It definitely saves the producers money on equipment rental + camera operator expenses. I've been staying busy enough where I didn't need a demo reel, but maybe i'll compile some different footage into something soon.

  3. Mike

    that sounds pretty sick dude!

    I can only speak for myself but I would really like to see some of the footage you've been taking. As a newbie, seeing the work of professionals gives me inspiration and ideas for my own stuff.

    Also, after you shoot everything, who edits it for you? I've shot 3 weddings so far and between converting the clips to ProRes 422, Backing them on externals, editing a highlight flim and then the full feature...i've already got a backlog and I'm feeling very stressed. Do you do all your own editing or do you just film?

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